08 December 2019

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Saturday, June 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Zulmai   Khaliizad the special envoy of US foreign ministry for Afghanistan after visiting Germany has said that the coming negotiations among Afghans would be hosted by Qatar.
BNA political affairs commenting on the issue writes, “He had been attended in the second joint session of US and Europe hosted by Germany and discussed the latest developments on peace process with European authorities.
The participants of the session have talked over Oslo session and inter- Afghan dialogues which will be held, in Qatar and will be hosted by Germany.
Zulmai Khalil Zad also has said that in the session would be talked over starting Afghan inter – dialogues which leads in to preparing a political map for ending the war and asked all Afghan sides to play their role in that regard.
Holding a session among Afghans hosting by Germany and Qatar is an important new that would be a good start for ending hostilities in Afghanistan.
Starting inters – Afghans dialogues were an old dream and demand of Afghan government and people which has presented by Afghan authorities and its people several time.
The Afghan people and government understanding the situation consider forming inter Afghan dialogue a concrete cornerstone for permanent peace in the country.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has tried hard for creating an atmosphere of belief and trust had tried hard and belief that enforcing ceasefire can help for creating such an atmosphere.
Besides creating incentives for ceasefire, the Afghan government has launched a series of measures for ending the war, among them freedom of a number of prisoners of Taliban from the prisons of Afghanistan.    
While there are words about holding inter – Afghan talks, without doubt Taliban ignoring inters – Afghan talks will insert to other pretexts. Earlier to this Taliban have visited the representative of US in Jada and ignored meeting with Afghan envoys in United Arabic Republic and were ready to talk only in Doha with foreigners.
The Afghans want to show their intention for peace in Afghanistan.
The corner stone of every peace is ceasefire; the group should honor the demand of people and provide the ground for a ceasefire. 
The other word in this that, Taliban should understand the current situation, in Afghanistan is not the country of previous factional fighting’s among different military sections  and Taliban were called the rescuer of Afghan people, now there are no fictional fighting and there is no an incentive to combat any more.
Taliban should act according to new situation and to do away with criticisms that called them the mercenary solders of other countries specially Pakistanis, involved in war in Afghanistan and the group cannot work independently.  Therefore they should prove that they are independent and dare to meet the Afghans.
Taliban should make act, according to the new situation and prove that they are independent and dare to meet the Afghans.
Holding inter- Afghan dialogues in Berlin, Moscow or Jada is a good word but we Afghans expect and hope that the foreigners that they should have a good definition from Afghan peace process and not interfere in that. 

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