14 July 2020

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Monday, June 10, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current debate in lower house of the parliament is not in to benefit of the country and the representatives of people should not be involved in issues that draw the country toward the crisis.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes since April 26 a worse situation has prevailed in lower house of parliament that can draw the country toward a deep crisis.
Parliament is one of the major parts of the democratic governments, while local ethnical and political differences inside the parliament have paralyzed one the bases of the government and the members of the house have not succeeded to settle this problem so far.
The current problem in lower house depends to a voting according to inner duties of the house or referring to the judicial power, then what is this outcry for?
The people addressing their representatives have a reasonable word they say that the situation of the country is sensitive and critical.
This sensitive and horrible situation, not only asks the representatives of the national assembly but the entire Afghan people to aware of every issue.
The enemies is in lurk in everywhere, while the politicians and people’s representatives in nation house worth less the current sensitivities and not work seriously for settling the problem.
Outcries and exhibitions are prevailed in lower house of parliament indicate that differences have deep root in the country and enemy is working, even the elites of the nation have been affected by these conspiracies.
The deputies of the nation should know what is going on in the house is alien to the demands of people.
The people voted in order their deputies remedy their pains and settle their problems not to fight over small issues and lose working opportunities for solving acute problems of the country.
The people say the voted in order the parliament become a place for settling the problems not to establish problem for their deputies.
The people warn that if the situation continues like this, it would be never in to the benefit of people and finally the will lost their trust and confidence to their representative in parliament. 

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