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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Hostage taking and killing the passengers along the highways are the evil acts that are not justifiable in no way.
BNA criminal affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes armed people affiliated to Taliban on Saturday June 8 stopped a passenger bus traveling from Malustan district toward Ghazni city and without any reason killed a young boy going to Kabul for study and took some others with themselves.
The student who was shot down  and the passengers who were abducted, attributed to the same tribe and targeting them by Taliban indicates that the group in their ongoing  fighting in Afghanistan are following specific objectives, that launching  ethnical and religious fighting can be  one of those objectives.
Taliban on attacking the tribal minorities have a dark and heinous past and mostly used the residential areas as a humane shield that caused heavy casualties among civilians.
Attacking civilian targets is a part of Taliban’s strategy and they are still carrying out this inhumane strategy systematically.
UNAMA in its recent report frankly accused Taliban that the group have targeting civilians during Ramadan once again caused heavy casualties among civilians in Afghanistan.
Attacking on special ethnical or religious group needs to think about cautiously. Sometimes ago, Taliban committed such a crime in Ghazni, earlier to this, they have carried out such crimes in Ghore, Daikandy, Zabul and other places.
Taliban as a religious extremist group has close ties with other extremist groups in Pakistan.
Extremist parties such as Lashkar-I – Taiba, Lashkar- I Jangwy and other religious parties in Pakistan are fighting alongside Taliban. Some years ago Lashker – I – Jangwy claimed the responsibility of the attack on Hussani mourners in shrine of Saint Abas in Kabul. Also, this group has carried out attacks on followers of a specific religion in Afghanistan. Presently Taliban are following this group and these groups have transferred many heinous things from Pakistan in to Afghanistan
Pakistan has a dark, evil and heinous past on attacking religious minorities. While in Afghanistan all religious and ethnical groups in Afghanistan live like brothers.
Targeting a specific religious or ethnical group can lead to instability in political and social system in Afghanistan and only Pakistan can take benefit from such a situation.
In addition, Taliban creating such a horrible situation want to introduce themselves as an affective power in the community and introduce the Afghan government incapable in ensuring the security of Afghan citizens
The way to overcome such adventures, is national unity, political awareness, otherwise, we will be the victim of a conspiracy that destroys the social and political order in the country.

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