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Sunday, June 16, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for achieving peace insists on forming an international gathering and cooperation of all Afghan allies.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes president Ghani recently delivering a speech on 19th session of the leaders of Shanghai member countries at Bishkek the capital of Kirghizstan insisted that for securing peace in Afghanistan there is a need for holding an international gathering and coordination of Afghan partners.
He considered a peaceful Afghanistan in to the benefit of the region, Shanghai Organization member countries and the world as a whole. The Afghan president has said that forming a regional and international union for cooperation with Afghan government to establish a framework for peace negotiations could be effective.
The Afghan president insisted on forming an international gathering and regional coordination for settlement of Afghan problem in which the outsider dimensions are very important, passing each day it becomes clearer that the problem mostly rooted outside the country. If it is not so, why the diplomats In Washington, Moscow, Begin, Jada, Doha, Islamabad, Oslo and Berlin have become active for settling Afghan problem.
The reality is this that the current Afghan problem deeply depends to the benefits of a number of countries and this caused a protracted proxy war among those countries.
The peace processes in Afghanistan during the last 18 years have been joined with certain optimism and pessimism and experienced rise and downs. The problem is this that the peace process mostly faced foreign rivalries and not focused on its inner dimension as it required.
Passing almost two decades from the existence of law rule government in Afghanistan, supported by international community, unfortunately still suffering from certain challenges imposed by certain countries.
The sensitive geopolitical location of Afghanistan has caused the crisis, fighting and violence become endless because the foreign countries have no similar definition from terrorism but dealt to problem according their own interests.
Afghan people need peace, while ensuring peace in Afghanistan can lead to solution of many regional problems.
Therefore, it would be necessary for regional and beyond regional countries to recognize all factors that caused tension and differences In Afghanistan and in region and remove them. This is only possible when the foreign countries don not consider the problem from a rivalry viewpoint but to have a coordination and cooperation view point on that regard.
Afghanistan due its location provides a good ground for regional trade, economic growth and cultural exchanges while the protracted war in the country destroys all opportunities.
The recent developments at level of the region and world indicate that efforts are underway for holding an international gathering on Afghanistan and many countries are seriously working for that. We hope the gathering meet its objective this is restoring peace in Afghanistan, which without doubt will lead to peace in entire region.

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