Continuous Tensions Among PMs Must be Removed: Commentary

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Monday June 17, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The continuous tension among the members of the lower house of parliament over the election of new speaker of the parliament has faced parts of the activities depend on members of the house to certain problems. BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes passing almost two months from the commence of the work of 17 round of work of parliament, the members of the lower house have not reached consensus over the election of the new speaker of the parliaments. This caused the activities of the parliament become standstill while many legislative documents have been sent to the house not yet approved. In addition to that the parliament should make a decision over the determination of 9 candidate ministers.
More acute than all, insecurity is spreading unprecedentedly to all over the country especially to north and north east regions of the country that should be dealt carefully and cautiously. The members of the lower house of parliament believe that until an acting head not elected to lead the sessions, the deputies cannot make any decision. Differences among the members of the house not only faced the election of the new speaker to problem but also caused non –s electing of acting head, at least manage the sessions of the parliament. The efforts of a number of impartial members of parliament who want settle the problem of two rival groups who are trying to implement their own interests so far not reached any result.
The problem of electing the new speaker of parliament depends on voting, although the bill of inner duties of the house and beyond that judicial organ can settle the problem, but these two sources have been ignored. Selecting the new speaker has its own problems. Some members of the parliament complain from the interference of outsiders in the process of their activities and claim that certain circles are seeking to impose their will and views on parliament and disrupting the process of election of the new speaker. The claims and statements of some members of the parliament may be a fact but cannot satisfy the people. The members of parliament have been committed to serve the people and swore in that regard. They can fulfill their commitment via ignoring all discriminations and working honestly observing public interests.
If they today faced in to such crisis over selecting the new speaker, how they can settle more acute problems? It should not be forgotten that what have been passing in the lower house of parliament are all against the expectations of people. The people hope the lower house which named itself the house of nation to truly represent national unity and be a source for solving people’s problems not adding to their problems. Our honor depends to the house of nation and this returns to the people’s deputies how to protect the honor of their people in the house of nation.

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