26 May 2020

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President Ghani Proposed Specific Proposals in SCO Summit: Commentary

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Tuesday June 18, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the 19th session of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries in Bishkek city proposed proposals, the acceptance of which by the members of the organization can accelerate the process of peace in Afghanistan and provides the ground for the solution of other problems. BNS political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghan president understanding the current realities in the region and the role of the countries of the region in solving the problems particularly the peace process in Afghanistan, presented effective and reasonable proposals in 19th session of Shanghai member countries. He has proposed, (to overcome the threats on way of peace, work with Afghan government to establish a regional and international coalition in order to create an organized and concrete framework for holding negotiations, because such a framework accelerates the process. A regional working group should work with Shanghai group to establish successful programs and projects to further connect the region and reduce poverty. Narcotic drugs should be focused as a factor of war and crimes; without doubt such a deal strengthens peace and accelerates peace process.
Terrorist networks are seeking to disrupt our future; therefore, agreement on a regional framework would be in to vital interests of us). The proposals were presented in time; narcotic drugs, terrorism and war are threatening the security and tranquility of the countries of the region among them Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries. Today, the security and economic situation of the countries of the region is very complicated and seriously bad, terrorism and extremism have been remained potentially a threat to the region as world as a whole. The problem is this that there is no a specific definition from terrorism and the countries define the phenomenon according their own interests, that makes the campaign and organizing the region and the world against terrorism more difficult.
The Afghan people and government seriously believe that the current problem in their country mostly rooted abroad and affected by foreign rivalries, because of this insists on forming an international gathering on Afghan problem. Shanghai Cooperation Organization has been constituted from world powerful countries and allocated a large area to it and a number of its members are among the countries with high economy in the level of the world. Shanghai cooperation organization is following high political, security and economic objectives such as struggle against separatism, extremism and terrorism.
Also, expansion of economic cooperation especially in field of energy is among the most important goals of Shanghai cooperation Organization. While fighting continuation in Afghanistan takes the most opportunities from the organization and one can provide the opportunities only by respecting general interests and removing distrusts. Therefore, establishing a general gathering is an urgent need for the security and tranquility of the region.

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