14 October 2019

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Afghans Fighting on Forefront Battle Against Terrorism: Commentary

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Thursday, June 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Security advisor of the country says that Afghanistan is in battle forefront against terrorism and daily 50 people lose their lives in the battle against evil phenomenon.
BNA criminal affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Hamdullah Muhib talking on tenth security session in a Russian city said the number of victims indicate that Afghanistan was at forefront battle against terrorism.
He calling terrorism and narcotic drugs the two sides of the same coin and added narcotics are the main source for funding terrorism.
Unfortunately, during the sovereignty of severe years of Taliban, Afghanistan became a safe place for fighting against terrorism and the efforts of international community have not succeeded to curb the problems and find a permanent solution for it. 
Although the international community ended the rule of Taliban at 2001 in Afghanistan but terrorist groups  as it expected did not banished but during the recent years revived again and became active again.
The problem is this that there is no the same definition of terrorism among the countries and every country defines it according to his own interests and this made the war against terrorism very difficult.
During the eighteen years fighting against terrorism it was Afghan people who gave most victims and sustained the most destruction
Today, if the neighboring countries expressing their concern about terrorism and if middle Asian countries, Russia or European countries are facing the danger of terrorism and extremism, this is Afghan people and government prohibit the expansion of terrorist activities and finally this is Afghans who representing the world fighting terrorism while international community acknowledges the importance of the struggles but gives it less value.
The fact is this that the world does not have the same definition from terrorism and as mentioned above they make the definition according to their own interests. Even there are countries who claim that they share in fighting against terrorism and extremism with world community, while supporting terrorism and extremism are a part of their state’s strategy.
The problem of terrorism can be solved only when the countries of the region and beyond the region reach an agreement about terrorism, extremism and narcotic drugs that are closely connected to each other and acknowledge that terrorism is a world phenomenon, knows no enemy and friend.
Today Afghan people and government are the torch barriers of straggle against terrorism, if the world community really want to rid of the evil of this barbaric phenomenon, they should honestly support Afghan people and government. 
To achieve this high goal, at first step the world should make a single definition from terrorism and struggle against terrorism becomes the priority of all courtiers and take effective measures in that regard.   

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