15 December 2019

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Peace & Violence Are Inconsistent; Taliban Should Chose One: Commentary

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Tuesday, July 09, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Violence and horror should not be used as a means for getting concession on the table of negotiations, because it can bring the logic of negotiation under question.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Ghazni city was the scene of terrorist attack. A vehicle full of explosive material exploded closed to security office of the city that martyred and injured a number of people.
The majority of victims and injured were civilian, particularly school students. What have happened in Ghazni is repetition of incident that occurred in Kabul just a week ago.  At Kabul incident the victims and injured were also civilians, particularly school students.
Both of the incidents have been occurred during the recent developments, this is holding seventh round of negotiation between representatives of America and Taliban, Taliban have claimed the responsibility of both incidents.
Claiming the responsibility by Taliban makes it clear that Taliban attend at negotiation table with good words, but have not forgotten their original nature this violence and terror.  They tried with carrying explosions and suicide attacks prove their power on negotiation table and obtain concession, while, the victims of such barbaric attacks are mostly women and children.
The recent incidents in Ghazni and Kabul occurred exactly in a time, the seventh round of negotiation between Taliban and US with peace message, progress and closeness of position of both sides heard.
Today restoring peace is of great importance among Afghan people even Taliban have announce their committed to it, but carrying such attacks clearly the way for ensuring peace is full of barriers and difficulties, should be not ignored.
The organizers of such attacks are trying to damage peace process, likewise, regional intelligence circles that lose their interests with ending the war in Afghanistan want to create barrier on the way of the process using every possible means.
Taliban, who introduce themselves as the protector of people’s interests, if they are honest, should end these adventures.
The bitter fact is this that this is Afghan people who are the victims of these satanic conspiracies and commit pay the heavy losses.
A number of people believe that Taliban by launching such attack are seeking to strengthen their position on negotiation table, but they make a big mistake in that regard.
Political negotiation is a move for ending conflicts, stopping bloodshed and preventing further destructions. If someone wants to impose himself by explosion and suicide attacks brings the logic of political negotiation under question and badly introduce it at the community       

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