10 July 2020

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The persistent tension and crisis in Afghanistan and in the region is a part of Pakistan intelligence services strategy and Taliban have been used for killing Afghans and destruction of their homeland.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Qandahar police office was the scene of a terrorist attack. The attack which started with a suicide attack and assault of several armed people 12 people lost their lives and 90 injured. The majority of victims and injured were civilians. Taliban have claimed the responsibility of the attack.
The president’s office publishing a newsletter condemning the attack has said that the Taliban’s intention is continuing war and slaughtering civilians.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has said, ( the Afghan government in compliance with decisions of Peace Grand Assembly said, ( Afghan government in compliance of peace grand assembly decisions carries out peace program, but Taliban committing this barbaric attack clearly showed that their intention is continuing war, violence and killing civilians.
A day after this terrorist attack the national security department declared that it has strong documents that indicate that the terrorist attack was designed in a terrorist center located in Chaman Pakistan area and managed and lead from there.
National security department has said that the terrorist attack was designed and lead by a man named Mullah Agha from Pakistan and the details of its findings would make public very soon.
There are precise and credible documents that prove the Pakistani intelligence services, army, politicians and religious parties. The Afghans not complain about what have been done by Pakistan but complain Taliban who consider themselves Afghans and protectors of Afghans’ interests obeying Pakistan command kill their own people and destroy their own homeland.
Unfortunately, Taliban have claimed the responsibility of all terrorist attacks. This indicates that they are just putting in practice what been instructed by Pakistan.
Therefore, the statements of national security department are completely correct that says, (Taliban are fighting for the interests of others and their activities are leading from abroad.)
Taliban in seven rounds of negotiations with America have showed their priority withdrawal American forces from Afghanistan while themselves kill their own people and destroy their own homeland for fulfilling the interests of foreigner.
The people say that in addition to that Taliban have caused the presence of foreign terrorists in the country, blaming the presence of foreign troops, kill their own people and destroy their own homeland. The people ask Taliban knowing these clear facts change their inhumane behavior and desist killing people and destroying the homeland.

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