14 July 2020

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Monday, July 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that police and army severely needed sever attention and the defense and interior ministries should take urgent actions in that regard.
BNA commentator commenting on the issue writes, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during his visit to Kandahar and visiting the personals of the army there insisted that sever attention should be made for removing the problems of security and defense forces and their needs would be settled urgently.
The president insists on settling the problems exactly in a time that the personnel of 295 Attal divisions shared their views over the increase of the salaries of the nation army personnel, timely removing their military needs, transforming the wounded soldiers to the hospital vial air, provide the ground for higher studies of military and security personnel with the president.
The president pointing to the problems and proposals of military personnel said that police and army need serious attention and the ministries of national defense and interior should take urgent and effective measures in that regard.
The president also said that promotion is the right of every military and security personnel should be taken seriously and the personnel who are in battle fields, the time should be considered in promotions and instructed the list of the soldiers who have been for more than three years In army prepared in order to take effective measures for their promotions.
He added, peace is our aim, but never deals over the security and defense forces of the country.  After peace agreement, there would be no reduction in your quantity, because your presence across the country is needed until complete ensuring security across the country.
The president insisting on impartiality of security and defense force in elections asked them to spare any efforts for ensuring   security of this national process.
The president insist on removing the problems of security and defense organs that there many roamers about the problems those organs are suffering.
Shortage of military on battle fields, not efficient food and resting facilities, not timely receiving the salaries and not timely transforming of wounded personnel to the hospitals are the problems the personnel of security and defense forces mostly suffering.
This is Afghan brave soldiers and youths in the level of the region that fights against terrorism and defense the entire world. 
These organs are a part of national achievements and are so great that the enemies cannot endure. If it is not so, why senior members of Taliban are thinking about the revival of so called Islamic Caliphate and claim that when they succeed over military and security forces, at first stage they would dismantle these forces and cancel the constitution.
Therefore these organs are a part of national achievements and are so great that the enemies consider them as a thorn in their eyes and claim that if they reach power, they would dismantle these forces and the constitution of the country.
The president’s words, from settling the problems of defense and security forces to neutralizing the dreams for dismantling these forces are good words that revive hope in our hearts.

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