24 February 2020

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Wednesday July 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The recent political developments and the statements of a number of foreign countries involved in Afghan crisis once again demonstrated that every foreign country is seeking its own interests and this is the Afghans who have become the victim of interests and the proxy war launched by foreign countries.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the Afghan problem stated from a foreign invasion and because rivalries of foreigners the conflict continued and became very serious and problematic.
If we seriously pay attention on incidents from 1997 in Afghanistan, when the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, changed the country in to safe place for international terrorism and then coming of international coalition force s to fight against terrorism were all outsiders plans and programs imposed on poor and suffering Afghan people.
In forming these improper developments and changes the Afghans view and intention have never been involved. Therefore one can never blame the people of this country.  But a problem returns to the Afghans, this is the existence of discriminations among them. The foreigners used this evil habit for achieving their illegal objectives and used our country and people for getting their aims and implementing their strategies in the level of the region. 
Now the issue of war and peace returns to Afghans and the Afghans should think properly and target their political and economic goals.
In Afghan conflict, the other countries frankly pursuing their own interests, the in such atmosphere why do Afghan people forget their own interests?
If Afghans honestly say no to all kinds of discrimination and coordinately work for achieving their national interests, no any country would have the capability to look for its interests in Afghanistan.
The several years incidents in Afghanistan clearly showed that the foreign countries have used divisions and discriminations among Afghans as a means for looking and achieving their illegal interests in our country.
The current situation and the foreign countries leaders involved in Afghan problem statements ask the Afghans not beat the others drum and think about the future of their homeland and suffering people.
In the current Afghan war, both sides of the conflict are Afghans who lose their lives. This is a bitter fact that nobody can deny it.
The Afghans are fighting, but the involved countries pursuing their interests sometime come close to each other and sometime take distance, but their strategic interests bring them together. 
Therefore we should accept this bitter fact that the two sides of the conflict are Afghans who are the victims of others interests. 
The Afghans should do their best to end the casualties, otherwise the history will judge severely against them.

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