25 September 2020

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Saturday, August 03, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Determining the delegation for negotiation by Afghan government and planning for commence of the new round of talks between the representatives of Taliban and America are the new development in peace process of Afghanistan that strengthens hopes.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the newly established Ministry of Peace issuing a declaration has written that a 35 member delegation which represents all political, social and ethnical groups has been determined by the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considering all values and achievements of Afghan people talk with Taliban.
In the main time Zalmay Khalilzad the special envoy of US foreign ministry has talked about commence of his new round of talks with Taliban in Doha.
Khalilzad after end a long tour to Kabul recently has written in his tweeter, (I have ended to me the most effective visit to Kabul. Kabul and Washington have agreed on next peace process and determining the negotiation team is finalizing. I go to Doha and before that I make a stance in Islamabad. If Taliban implement their commitment in practice, we will also finalize peace agreement.)
From Khalilzad’s statements and other sources emerge that America and Taliban are closing in to an agreement and probably America a schedule for the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and Taliban also will announce a series of commitments. There are also words about a secret dealing between America and Pakistan.
Declaring a schedule for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is an achievement for Taliban, what compassion do Taliban give for this?
Taliban having military formations are trying to establish an administrative formation. While there are words about establishing a 15 member delegation to hold talks with Taliban, at first step the group should agree to a ceasefire, otherwise Taliban using their old style accelerating war will seek for more privileges that will settle no any problem.
On the other hand, differences of interests and views among the countries of the region are so high that in existence of them it would be difficult to talk about the promotion of political solution of Afghan problem.
There are hopeful words about reaching Taliban and America in to an agreement but there is no any hope for Afghan people who sustain the pains and sufferings emanate from the current conflicts.
Afghan people are seeking a honorable peace.  Today Afghanistan is not the Afghanistan of 1370 decades (Afghan colander) where different groups fighting each other and provided the ground for another group to seize power.  Now Afghanistan enjoys of having a system of government committed to protect the achievements and values obtained during the last 18 years.
Constitution, establishment of national police and army, freedom of speech, activities of political parties, ensuring women’s rights, growth of education and train system are among achievements that Afghan government and people never ignore and do their best for further improving those values.
For settling Afghan problem it is require, US conducting a regional gathering end the strategic adventures of Pakistan that in turn would lead to the ending of terrorist activities of Taliban forever.      

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