23 October 2020

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Peace Agreement Should Be Guaranteed by National and Intel. Organ

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Sunday August 4, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Any peace agreement on Afghanistan should be guaranteed by a credible national and international organ.  The active presence and coordination of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can guarantee any peace agreement politically, executively a lawfully.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes American media have said that the American and Taliban representatives are on the eve of signing a peace agreement.
The US efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan should be welcomed. If we look precisely at realities of the last 18 years, the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan who had come pretending struggle against terrorism was not void of problem for Afghan people. Our people were experiencing an aimless and unplanned international comparing in Afghanistan which had no any consequence, but exacerbating the problems of our people.
In spite of that, Afghan people insist on accepting responsibility by whom, who used Afghanistan as battle field for 18-year for an aimless and unplanned conflict.
America and its western allies repeatedly have said that a stable Afghanistan is to the benefit of the countries of the region and the world. Afghanistan has mentioned a country suffering from crisis. For settling the crisis first of all foreign factors of the crisis or the problem should be find out and removed. Unfortunately in Afghanistan the foreign factors of the problem have been identified, but stability and peace has not yet restored in the country. The reason is this that there are many countries, particularly Pakistan involved in the conflict and interfere for their own interests. Therefore, discussing peace issue in Afghanistan is not an easy task.
Our people know that until the foreign factors of the problem not removed and cannot talk about peace in Afghanistan and stability in the region. Taliban are working for the interests of foreigners who have following certain objectives in Afghanistan and for achieving this illegal objective and use Afghanistan as a battle field for their proxy wars launched in the country.
Therefore, peace agreement between America and Taliban, pressuring Pakistan and the countries of the region and re-emerging of Taliban in political scene will cause the concerns of other countries. America should respond to concerns of Afghan people and the countries of the region.
Responding to the concerns is only possible via guaranteeing by an international organ and Pakistan, otherwise the proxy war launched by Pakistan and some other countries will continue as before and the Afghans will be the main victims of this brutal conflict imposed on them.
In peace process with national and international dimensions the rights of Afghan government and people should be observed to guarantee the success of the process.   

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