23 October 2020

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The extensive presence of Pakistani and other countries citizens alongside Afghan armed oppositions indicates that Pakistan is still the safe place for terrorism and extremism.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently an Afghan citizen named Eedi Mohammad was arrested by national security forces. Eidi Mohammad was the main designer of the attack on Emam Zaman Mosque which killed and injured a number of our compatriots.
He has acknowledge that he was a member IS.  During the reign of Taliban, migrated in to Pakistan and settled in Peshawar and interred a religious school there. The teachers of the school encouraged them for Jihad in Afghanistan and ISI officers gave them, military trainings.  It is not only the story of Eidi Mohammad that leads us to adventures of Pakistan in Afghanistan.
Just some days ago, in air strike on Logar province a number of foreign terrorists including Pakistani nationals were killed. Also on July 29, three Pakistani citizens lost their lives in air attack in Momandara district, Nangarhar province. In Kunduz where three Pakistani citizens were fighting alongside armed oppositions against Islamic republic of Afghanistan forces were arrested. On July 28 a number of Pakistani nationals who were fighting alongside armed opposition groups against the Afghan security forces in Sangin district Helmand province were killed. In the same time, in Paktika also several Pakistani nationals lost their lives in the battle against Afghan security forces.
In Ghazni, Kunduz, Sari pul and other places, Pakistani citizens have been seen fighting beside armed oppositions groups.
The above statement and figures make clear this bitter fact that still extremists and terrorists are safe in Pakistan.  They have been supported, equipped and funded there and sent in to Afghanistan to carry out devastative activities.
While Pakistani citizens without doubt are the members of their intelligence service fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan politicians and authorities are talking about restoring peace and security in Afghanistan. Is it possible in existence such open interferences, can take serious the claims and commitments of Pakistan for restoring peace in Afghanistan serious?
The extensive presence of foreign force particularly Pakistani forces that are pursuing specific objectives in Afghanistan once again makes it clear that Afghan problem deeply rooted outside the country especially Pakistan is a concrete supporter of it.
It is an open fact that foreign forces including Pakistani forces using the opportunity are fighting for their own interests, just the strong unity of Afghan people can overcome the problem, end the fighting and defeat the enemies and deprive them from their illegal and ambitious demands.


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