28 October 2020

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Saturday, August 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The activities and efforts of defense and security forces for ensuring security during Eid days are appraisable and once again proved that they are strongly committed to defend national and Islamic values.
BNA political and social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes national and religious times always been faced with security challenges. Terrorists have always tried to challenge the national and religious days with conducting the most brutal actions to reduce the trust of people to the state and provide the ground for their propagation again the government.
Although Mullah Hebatullah the leader of Taliban in his message on occasion of Eid considered as unofficial ceasefire advised his followers to serious care in to security and pleasure of people during Eid days and carry out everything possible for their safety and living in peace. Neutralizing more than terrorists’ conspiracies by security forces frankly showed that Taliban have no any commitment for the life of people and in every moment seeking opportunity to obtain concession by creating a new adventure.
In existence of adventures it would be impossible to take serious the statements of Taliban’s chief but can say with confidence that the calm and peace during Eid days was the result of endeavors of security forces that neutralized the conspiracies of Taliban for disrupting the people’s lives.
Sources in Interior Ministry say, the enemies persistently tried to carry out terrorist attacks against Afghan people and Afghan security but fortunately they did not success.
During Eid days Taliban tried to carry out 14 terrorist attacks against Afghan people in Kabul in provinces but all of them failed as a result of awareness and bravery Afghan security forces. 
These prove that the statement of Taliban leader was just a propagation move, they aimed as before to attack people and their interests but they could not reach their evil aims because of the bravery of Afghan security forces.
Taliban and IS are the main disrupters of security in the country and addition to them 29 other terrorist groups are fighting against Afghan people and Afghan security forces want to challenge the state and provide the ground for their propagation and conducting psychological war in the country.
But our security and defense forces with great military capabilities and close relation with people firmly stood against terrorists prevented them to achieve their satanic goals.
The people have played a great role in defeating Taliban and victory of Afghan security and defense forces. Therefore it is require, the security forces should keep their ties with people as before which guarantees their victories in the future.
Our security and defense forces have proved that they are national and public forces and fight to ensure public interests and never been compared with armed opposition groups. The Afghan security forces belong to Afghan people and fight for people’s interests while armed opposition groups are involved in proxy war to ensure the interests of the foreigners. There is a great difference between them.
Afghan security and defense forces are the greatest achievement of Afghan people, they should be supported honestly as they deserved.

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