19 October 2020

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says, “We should deal Taliban as a group not a legal state.” 
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in meeting with Chinese special envoy for Afghanistan has said that Taliban should be dealt as a group not a power equivalent to a state.
The statements were expressed exactly in time that a number of countries in consultation with certain intelligence services of the region, in a designed program to identify Taliban have tried to identify Taliban as a parallel power to the state while a year ago recognized them as terrorist group. The nature and the capabilities of the group are clear to everybody and cannot using special words give a wrong and artificial identity to this terrorist group.
During the last years, due to lack of precise anti – terrorism programs, the political games of the intelligence services of the region were active in Afghanistan. The intelligence service of Pakistan in support of certain circles in the west and the countries of Persian Gulf succeeded to revive the identity of Taliban once more and introduce the group as a motive force in political and military scene of Afghanistan. 
Now, there are rumors about ousting foreign forces from Afghanistan and a number of regional and beyond regional countries have planned based on their interests and rivalries to contact and reach an understanding with Taliban and forgotten once called the group as a terrorist group.  
World community is strengthening its relations with Afghanistan as a state. Afghanistan has a democratic state which has come to power via election and supported by international community and Kabul the capital of the country has been hosting the ambassadors many countries across the world.
But Taliban a group that have no legality and popularity among world countries for a long time now enter in to talks, discuss Afghan problem.
The stance of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in that regard id clear. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his visit with Chinese special envoy for Afghanistan has said, “We should deal Taliban as a group and not see the group as legal state because it would be against all international Chinese principles.”
Afghanistan enjoys of having a democratic system, has a progressive constitution and honors all international agreements.
Therefore it would be a serious error to compare it with a terrorist group that caused great casualties among our innocent people and destruction of our homeland just to please foreign intelligence services especially  ISI. 

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