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Saturday, August 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA)   August twenty first is world day for commemorating the victims of terrorist incidents in the world.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes based on proposal of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan envoy in United Nations organization and supporting by other 95 countries, August 21st named as a world day for supporting the victims of terrorist events in the world.
The existence of such a day in world schedule can mobilize the world in war against terrorism and provide a better situation for supporting the victims of this evil phenomenon and also accelerates the war against terrorism.
Afghanistan has been a victim of Terrorism for a long time, just during the last three months of 2019, more than 1700 people have lost lives or injured as a result of terrorist incidents. Terrorist activities have badly affected the life of people and many Afghan people are suffering from depression and mental diseases. 
Today, there are more than six hundred thousand widows, more than two millions women and children in Afghanistan who are suffering from social and economic problems and due to terrorist activities the number of disabled people is increasing in the country.
Terrorism is not only a horrible phenomenon in Afghanistan, terrorists since a long time casing casualties and destructions in Afghanistan and other countries. Unfortunately, the victims of terrorism with their all pains and agonies have been forgotten and the criminals who committed such heinous crimes not punished as they are deserved.
The problem is this, also the world knows about the evils caused by extremism and terrorism but not yet reach a single definition of terrorism. The different countries make the definition according to their own interests.
Unfortunately supporting extremism and terrorism is a part of official policy of certain countries such as Pakistan and Israel, but big countries and international
Organizations ignore this bitter reality and consider not the violence activities of intelligence services of those countries. Because of such policies, terrorist and extremists continue their evil actions all over the world.
The victims of terrorist incidents need help and cooperation. The first urgent cooperation for them would be drawing the culprits of terrorist incidents to the court and punish as they are deserved.
Just by curbing terrorism practically can condole the victims of these brutal and barbaric incidents.  

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