07 June 2020

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Monday, August 26, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National security advisor says that IS, is a threat for Afghanistan but cannot be a strategic threat for this country.
BNA military and security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, Hamdullah Muhib the national security advisor of the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan an interview with a foreign radio has said that IS, is a threat for Afghanistan but considering the relationship of the group with Afghan people cannot be a strategic threat, because the group cannot get the support of people. Currently the group carries out suicide and destructive attacks which can be called technical threat.
The national security advisor estimates the number of IS personnel in Afghanistan between 700 and 1200 people, most of them are Pakistanis and militants from other countries.
The statements have been expressed exactly in a time, a number of countries like Russia, Pakistan, and America have expressed concern over the extension of IS activities in Afghanistan. They claim that the members of IS who have sustained serious defeat in in Iraq and Syria are coming in to Afghanistan’
The concerns over coming of IS members from Iraq and Syria in to Afghanistan expressed while Afghanistan has no joint borders with the two countries. Unfortunately nobody says how did they come in to Afghanistan?
Some believe that certain countries using IS as a means for their propagations are seeking to return in to the territories once they controlled or justifying it for their presence in the region. 
If we pay attention on statements of big and small countries on that regard, IS, is a new project that a number of countries are trying to bring IS in to Afghanistan to provide an opportunity the ground for a proxy war among certain countries in Afghanistan and fighting continue as before.
In such a situation there is a need the countries involve in Afghan problem, particularly international union against terrorism and other countries truly seeking security and stability in Afghanistan precisely assess the situation and wisely make a decision.
At the end we draw the attention of the authorities of the country that there are certain countries with magnifying IS trying to achieve their own objectives and carry out their own plans and programs.
Therefore, for preventing and neutralizing these conspiracies and programs, we should have our own plans and programs and in our political assessments not consider the enemy weak. 

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