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Sunday, September 1, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Passing through the current situation which is very difficult, regardless to their political, ethnical dependencies ask Afghans to unity and brotherhood.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the new developments in political field of Afghanistan which is accompanied with negotiations between America and Taliban are accompanied both with optimism and concerns in Afghan community, and contradictory talking of high ranking officials of certain countries and organizations have added to the concerns.
The authorities present the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan that the time of remaining those forces becomes the headline in media and at the time, IS, is introduced as a horrible world problem. Once, the solution of the problem depends to Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and India and sometimes words heard addressing Afghanistan which is very humiliating for Afghan people.
The stance and activities of certain countries indicate that Afghanistan is involved in a political and intelligence play. Unfortunately   Afghan people are again the victim of that satanic political and intelligence play.
With new developments it became very clear that   the countries of the region and beyond the region are interfering to ensure their own interests and what has forgot ton is the interest of Afghanistan.
Some people believe that the Doha session and other similar sessions have ended in to settling of US and Pakistan differences and the two countries became closer, while Taliban have been used as a means in the process.
Today many countries have achieved their great objectives via Afghan problem.
The previous hostilities forgotten and new friendships established, new interests created but the victim of all these conspiracies were Afghans who have sustained heavy casualties and destructions.
The problem is this that we are suffering from inner problems and having differences in views. If we deeply pay attention to the problem, the differences among Afghans provided the ground for foreigners especially to our enemies to interfere in our domestic affairs and in this way accelerated the problems in Afghanistan.
The history indicates that negotiations and understanding in abroad had no any profit because the foreigners are seeking their own interests and we had got nowhere. The example of is the establishment government at Rawalpindi that have no any result but destruction of Kabul.
So it would be better the Afghans put aside all discriminations including ethnical and political affiliations and join hands for ensuring peace and building their country. This is the only way for rescuing the country from current horrible problems and building the country. 

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