07 June 2020

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Violence is not the way of reaching peace, the idea that can obtain political privilege is self- deceit.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: the reports on conflicts in recent days in the country were painful and remorseful. With a short review on military and terrorist incidents, we find out that this is the civilians who are the main victims of military and terrorist incidents.
Taliban during the last days, carrying out barbaric attacks on Kunduz, Baghalan, Laghman, Farha and Kabul caused painful and regretful incidents.
Taliban who consider themselves as defenders of religion and Islamic law and claim that they are the true followers of Islam, in recent days have brutally carrying out assassination of people , against all Islamic principles.
In recent days, at the time, Taliban have finalized their agreement with America have conducted a wave of violence and adventures as they claim to obtain greater political privileges.
This ignorant and brutal group carrying attacking parts of Kunduz, again killed innocent people and destruct their properties and forced them to leave their residential areas.
The last days’ painful and inhuman incidents in battle fields showed that Taliban despite of expressing good words in Doha and Moscow sessions but still are ignorant and backward people.
The group firing a rocket on a residential house in Alishing district, Laghman province, killed a mother along with her four children. In Anar Dara district Farah province, exploding a mine, martyred eight members a family including women and children.  In Kabul carrying out a terrorist attack on a foreign guesthouse killed and injured a great number of the residents of the area. 
While Taliban and other terrorist groups have been responsible for casualties among civilians, encourage the people against the government in some parts of Northern provinces using their residential houses as a trench.
In Kuduz, Taliban made a child to carry a suicide attack against a number of policemen.
The leadership of Taliban believes that by carrying out terrorist attacks and violence they can obtain great political privileges at negotiation table.
Since fighting is   a heinous and unjustifiable phenomenon, some important and valid international organizations to prevent the killing of civilians and destruction of their properties have enforced certain laws and principles. If the two sides of the conflict observe those laws and principles certainly lead to the decrease of casualties among civilians.
While the evil actions of Taliban during the last days clearly showed that the group never honors those laws and principles and not believes in to humane and religious values and seeking to obtain political privileges via conducting violent activities.
The people openly and bravely say that Taliban never honor those laws and principle, they fight against the views and believes of people that further complicates the situation in Afghanistan.     

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