24 September 2020

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Sunday, September 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Another round of negotiation between the representatives of America and Taliban will start in Doha in time, the Afghan people do not know about the results of the previous nine rounds.
BNA political and social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, Zalmay Khalilzad the special envoy of US foreign ministry for Afghanistan after carrying out the 9th round of negotiation with the representatives of Taliban last week came to Kabul and informed the authorities of Afghan government from the details of the agreement that the draft of it finalized and it will be signed very soon.
Afghan government has said that after assessing and analyzing the draft, it would share its views with Khalilzad.
In the agreement, ousting foreign forces from Afghanistan and guaranteeing that Afghanistan would be no a threat to America anymore are the main issues of the consensus.
Afghan government insists on assessing and reviewing the draft of agreement between America and Taliban in time, Afghan people and government have expressed their concern due to the existence of ambiguities in the draft and said that any peace agreement should be extensive and could be end with rapid reduction of violence in Afghanistan,
So far, the representatives of America and Taliban have carried out nine rounds of negotiations which have led to preparing a draft of agreement, still nobody knows about the text and terms of that.  Even high ranking officials of trump’s government, American allies in NATO and other players involved in Afghan problem like Russia and China no nothing about the draft.
America is talking about peace with Taliban in a time, the group after the end of ninth round of the negotiation and announcing an agreement between the two sides, has become more violent, as during just a week, they carrying out three suicide attacks in Kabul. The majority of casualties were civilians. 
While the agreement between America and Taliban has created basic questions in public minds, one of the questions is how America became ready to inter a deal with Taliban once called terrorist group?
Many believe that the consensus that Afghanistan does not have its ownership cannot lead in to a peaceful life in Afghan community.
Afghan people ask, Taliban since the beginning until now are involved in carrying suicide attacks, violence and killing people and America and its allies came to Afghanistan to beat this terrorist group and establish a democratic government in Afghanistan, fought against them for years, sustained heavy casualties and destructions.
In such a situation, while Taliban have increased their savageries what does making peace with them mean?
The Afghan people believe, America could not reach its objectives, now seeking to raise new friends in order to achieve its objectives.
Our people are witnessing a turn in political games that are different from the slogans chanted by anti – terrorism allied which are dangerous not only for Afghans but for the entire region.

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