24 September 2020

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peace Can Be Secured in Afghanistan Only Through a National Consensus
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: peace process is more complicated in Afghanistan than any other time. The problem is this that the peace issue in Afghanistan is mostly affected by the endeavors of foreign countries that follow their strategic programs in Afghanistan and each of the countries has its own interests and the Afghans have lost their interests among foreign countries’ interests.
The political developments in last one or two year indicated that the outsiders in their efforts under the name of peace process or political negotiations mostly wanted to impose their demands and this caused to further complicate peace process and our people still looking at it as their long  hope to access.
During a year, negotiation between America and Taliban continuing, many Afghan soldiers and a great number of citizens have become the victim of violence and fighting in the country and at least one thousands of armed Taliban lost their lives in the conflict during the same period, caused no any development toward ending war in the country, but the killing of foreign soldier changed everything.
It Taliban acquiesced in to peace negotiation among Afghans that could led in to ending the violence and fighting in Afghanistan and ensured the Afghans’ interests.
For this reason the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan insists that peace process is the ownership of Afghan people.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghany in his recent statement has said that the ownership of peace process belongs to Afghan people not belongs to any ethnical group or party but it is the demand of Afghan people and presented by Afghans and its implementation is also one of the major duties of Afghan people.

Afghan president insists on ensuring a permanent and honorable peace and warns that Afghans never return back.
Ensuring peace is a need in Afghanistan and the Afghans are determined to meet this need. Foreigners can do nothing in that regard and if they do something it would be for their own interests.
There are many reports that indicate that Doha session (negotiation between America and Taliban) has mostly ended in to further closeness of America and Pakistan and unfortunately Taliban have been used as means for that purpose.   
Then, it would be better Taliban to leave aside military slogans and violence and join their people that would lead to peace. It would be possible only via conducting intra Afghan- negotiation.
Therefore, it would be better, Taliban instead of negotiation with outsiders and meditation of aliens who are following their own interests and objectives, referring to the Afghans’ old traditions, conducting and participating in Jergas settle the problem and save their suffering people. 

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