24 September 2020

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Maimana (BNA) From September attacks that killed almost three thousand people in United States 18 years passed, but US authorities say still the danger of attack on that country exists.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes  18 years ago on September 11, 2002 the US territory was the scene of  the most deathly terrorist attacks that the worst political, economic, security and military consequences for that country and badly affected Afghanistan and some other countries of the world.
On September 11, 2001 Al- Qaeda terrorist group carried out a series of terrorist attacks on US territory attacks the most horrible attacks were carried out on international trade towers that claimed the lives of 2977 people.
The attacks were carried out by 19 Arab origin men, shocked Americans, because they considered themselves unrivaled in the world after the collapse of Soviet Union in early 1990s. But the incidents of September 11 indicated that that country is facing Islamic movements and organizations that America called them terrorists and extremists.
Al- Qaida that carried out the attacks of September attacks, their lead Asama bin Laden lived in Afghanistan supported by Islamic Emirate of Taliban.
Islamic Emirate of Taliban that officially recognized by the three American allied countries (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emeries) avoid handing over Asama to America. This made America at head of an international counter terrorism coalition invaded Afghanistan to arrest Asama the designer of the attacks of September 11 and punish him. Finally, they found him in Pakistan in 2011 and killed him.
America since 2001 is fighting against terrorism and extremism calling it international mission against terrorism sustained heavy casualties and losses but Afghanistan has been the main victim of war against terrorism.

After the collapse of so called Islamic Emirates the leaders of the group and Al- Qaida leaders returned in to their hideout in Pakistan and again welcomed and supported by Pakistani and a number of Gulf countries intelligence services and again has  been causing sever pains and problems in Afghanistan and in the region.
The Afghans have lost their best sons in this heinous conflict, their economic infrastructure collapsed and this is the Afghans who are fighting against terrorism as world proxy.

Today America and the west are talking about revival of Al- Qaeda and express concern over carrying terrorist attacks on America and on its allies once again.
Afghans believe that until America not inter in to the war against terrorism honestly with a precise and practical program and not focus  on funding sources and the countries that equip  and support terrorists and if spend billions of dollars  will not achieve its objectives in war again terrorism.

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