29 September 2020

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Defeating Terrorism Only Possible Through Pakistan Honesty

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Sunday September 15, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan supporting terrorist and extremist groups is pursuing a precise strategic program in Afghanistan. The aim of this program would be weak Afghanistan that it would be easy for Pakistan to access and rule.
BNB military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes General National Security Department recently reported about the release of 29 dangerous members of IS terrorist group who were practically involved in 29 bloody terrorist incidents.
Also, the security forces authorities have reported about the assassination of Hasan Panjabi the head of IS press in Khogyani district Nangarhar province.
In operation of security forces on IS center in 17 precinct of Kabul city two Pakistani citizens were killed and a Pakistani woman with her four children were injured now they are under treatment in a hospital
The terrorist group that collapse recently in Kabul was in involved in 29 terrorist incidents.  Such as attack on members of Light Movement, attack on an army base in Qamber Square, transferring suicide attackers to Shash Darak Kabul, attack on students’ vehicle in Mahmood Khan Bridge,  carrying suicide attack on students of military academy of Marshal Faheem , attack on the vehicle carrying the employees of Haj and Awqaf ministry, attack on the tent of candidatures, attack on diplomats of foreign ministry, attack on Emam Zaman Mosque in 11  precinct  of Kabul city, attack on demonstration conducted by legislators close to election commission and finally transferring the people who were committed to carry suicide attack on mourners of Ashura in Kart-e-Sakhi and attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul were the devastative works of this barbaric network.
What is more concerning for Afghans is the share and role of Pakistani citizen in such inhumane and barbaric incidents.    
The role of Pakistani citizens in terrorist incidents in Afghanistan is not ended in management and conducting terrorist operation which carried out recently that collapsed by security forces.
Currently General Ershad Husain known Shaikh Matihullah the Pakistani general who have obtain the tittle of Taliban’s thinking mind is currently  in Faryab and Jozejan province and leads the war of Taliban in entire north of the country.
Among four IS leaders so far have been killed in Afghanistan, three of them were Pakistani nationals.
The residents of eastern provinces have been witnessing that regularly crossing Durand Line and Shinwaries repeatedly have said that Pakistan regularly assists and equips IS and other terrorist groups.
Russians intelligent sources have published this issue via media that IS migrating from Iraq and Syria via Pakistan territory in to Afghanistan.
Just two or three years ago nobody knew IS in Afghanistan but with conducting peace program with Taliban the group emerged. This indicates that Is, is an intelligence project in Afghanistan that would have many missions in Afghanistan after peace with Taliban in our war ravaged country.
As undeniable events show and some of them mentioned above, IS, and is a great danger for the region. Therefore, it would be the obligation of all countries including Pakistan to fight against this horrendous phenomenon honesty and end it forever; otherwise remorse will have no any benefit.

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