29 September 2020

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In Order to End the Increasing Casualties, Taliban Should Acquiesce to Ceasefire: Commentary

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Monday, September 16, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Continuing battle in the country, increased casualties among Taliban, the responsibility is on those who are against peace negotiation between Afghans and not acquiesce to ceasefire. 
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes during the last week the number of Taliban and other armed groups lost their lives in battles with Afghan security forces have reached in to its highest level.
Increasing the number of casualties among Taliban and other armed groups cannot be a good news, because all who have been killing in the battle, regardless to which group they belong, they are Afghans who have sustain the heavy losses caused by the brutal conflict.
Anti – Afghan government armed oppositions are also a part of Afghan community, the increasing number among them causes decrease in our humanitarian forces , adds to the number of orphans and widows and causes other problems in the country.
Taliban have been sustaining heavy casualties in battle fronts while their leaders are enjoying a happy life in Doha, Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta, all possibilities have been provided for their children. But at the battle fields a rural youth whose family lives in severe poverty is becoming the victim of the interests of Mullah Hibatullah, Abas Stamlzai and other heads and leaders of the group.
Among tenths of Taliban who have  carried out suicide attack and lost their lives, are not the son, brother or a member the family of Taliban leaders.
For those who are living inside the country and sustain the heavy weight of the battle, ceasefire and security means much more than to those who live in Doha and Karachi.
The report on killing 100th of Taliban in recent days would not be appreciable news.  The leaders of Taliban and their managers in Pakistani intelligence service are responsible for all casualties among Taliban and destruction in their country Afghanistan.
Taliban leaders did not accept ceasefire, rejected peace negotiation with Afghan government and so far opposed to intra – Afghan negotiations.
If Taliban leaders listened to voice of Afghan people, crying of orphans and widows, accepted ceasefire and found a practical way for the solution of Afghan problem and withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the lives of many Afghans regardless of their being Taliban members or government forces, were saved.
Unfortunately, the leadership of Taliban is seeking their interest and popularity in fighting stand against peaceful programs of Afghan government and it mentioned earlier, the result of which is the increase of casualties among Taliban on battle fields.
Therefore, it would be better for the second and the third rate of Taliban who have been carrying the heavy weight of the battle should separate their way from their leaders, following peace process prevent the casualties because as experiences showed continuation of war is the main reason for the increase of casualties among Afghans and destruction of their homeland.

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