24 September 2020

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Destroying Public Utility Projects Show Taliban Weakness: Commentary

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Public utility projects are a   national capital and a part of public ownership, damaging these projects is hostility to people and national capital.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, some days ago the lines of importing electricity from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have been cut off  by  damaging five pillars of electricity on high ways of Baghlan- Kunduz and Baghlan – Samangan. In this way including Kabul 9 southern and south eastern provinces are suffering from shortage of electricity or have no any electricity.
The destruction of electricity pillars has taken place in a time; US president has dispelled peace negotiation with Taliban and the Afghan government due increasing violence has suspended its elections programs and its peace endeavors.
Pursuing these measures, Taliban have increased violence and once again using old technics that are destruction of public utility projects and destruction of electric pillars on north high way is a part of those measures and efforts.
Many believe, if Taliban have cut off the electric lines for the residents of Kabul and nine other provinces in revenge of US president’s stance, Afghan people have never been engaged in negotiations between Taliban and Americans.  In those negotiations America was generally talking about the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and its interests in general. In such a situation who do Taliban revenge from the Afghans?
Violence has been imposed on Afghan people on various fields. Taliban have not only increased terrorist attacks and invasions, they some days ago took 8 journalists hostage and also, insisted on cutting off communication lines in Balkh and some other provinces, the media that preached against violence and killing of people were the targets of their military operations and finally banned Polio vaccinations in Urozgan, Kandahar, Helmand.
The assassination of Hashmatullah Bahaderi  an employment of ministry of state, cutting the throat of Abdul Samad the head of human rights regional office in Ghor province are the examples of terrorist activities of Taliban groups.
The people warn Taliban if they carry out such brutal and barbaric actions against suffering Afghan people and destruction of their homeland, one day will be punished severely.

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