13 July 2020

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Wednesday – September 18 -2019
Kabul (BNA) While Taliban justifying their fighting in Afghanistan as struggle against foreign forces, but thousands of foreign forces who are accused  for violence I the country, calling them Jihadists and honorably called them Jihadists.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes,    Afghanistan since four decades has been the scene of various developments and developments. The current problem of Afghanistan started with a foreign interference and became longer and more severe. This is the foreign interferences not let Afghans to settle their problems and care their pains and present a suitable inscription for settling their current problems and remedy the pains.
Here we are focusing about Taliban activities who are the major group fighting against state forces in Afghanistan and foreign forces there. Taliban calling their fighting Jihad (holy war) against foreign forces consider it as a religious war.
The group is against the existence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, but honor from the existence of thousands of foreign forces fighting alongside themselves.  The militants fighting for foreign countries, most of them have been committed serious crimes and are under police pursue in their own countries for the crimes they already done.
Once an Afghan media quoting a foreign source claimed that one third of Taliban’s fighters are foreign fighters.
The media made it clear that the number of foreign nationals fighting alongside Taliban reached between three to four thousand people. Most of them have come from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.  But that figures are not realistic. The intelligence sources show the figure between 10 to 12 thousand people. Those militants teach Taliban the skills of making bombs, management and carrying terrorists’ activities and insure their relations with terrorist groups. 
Most of the foreign militants have done certain crimes in their own countries are under pursuit and cannot live in their own country; therefore they have to Afghanistan to present themselves as so called Mujahidin.
Many believe the foreign militants who are fighting alongside Taliban and other armed groups teach Taliban and their commanders’ show the ways of making bomb, carrying suicide attacks and other terrorist attacks.  They have and play a role of advisors to Taliban’s commanders and providing the opportunity for attracting the financial assistances from gulf and other countries and their presence beside Taliban, give Taliban religious legitimacy which is of value among the people.
If the existence of foreign forces are the reason for fighting of Taliban and other armed groups they have not requested by Afghan state. The American and its western allies have come to Afghanistan to fight against the threat of terrorism. Therefore if that threat removes the American and its western allies need not to stay in Afghanistan anymore.
So if Taliban really want the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, they should honestly provide the ground for their withdrawal.   Taliban should reject Pakistanis who for ensuring its interests in Afghanistan as Americans doing. 
Taliban should prefer their country’s interests to the interests of Pakistan and its allied forces. 

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