13 July 2020

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Taliban Should Honor the People’s Will and Intention

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Saturday, September 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The time for presidential is closing but   security challenges still exist and the people concern about it.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes for holding presidential election just a week remained. Also the authorities of independent commission for election say that preparation for holding elections is finalized but they have expressed their concern on security concerns.
It is not only the members of independent commission of elections have expressed their concerns about security concerns of the elections, the recent unpleasant events in Kabul, Parwan, Nangarhar and Zabul that claimed the lives of a number of our compatriots clearly indicate that the process of elections is facing serious challenges.
Taliban have threatened that they would disrupt the process of the elections. Organizing the recent terrorist attacks, they showed they are serious about their threats.
Taliban accelerating their violence have made the life for people very difficult. The strategy and method that Taliban follow are contrary to humanitarian values and the interests of Afghan people. 
The people believe the threat by Taliban frankly show that they care not to public life, while Afghan people are enjoying from the rights of the political and social freedoms. The constitution has given them the rights, therefore the rights should be observed. 
Therefore, the stance of Taliban against elections is violation of Islamic teachings and ignoring the will of Afghan people that would not be acceptable for our people.
The people expect the authorities of the government to protect the life of civilians and citizens of the country during the election process.
The defense and security authorities insisted that they would stand firm against barbaric programs of Taliban, carrying out clearance operations trying to extend the zone of their activities across the country and prevent any terrorist actions.
The authorities insist that election is a national process and determines the fate of people, therefor let not to be sabotaged.
It would be better for Taliban instead of creating horror and showing power, examine their fate on campaigning ground of elections that represents the will of people, in order to know how much enjoy the support of people.
Afghan government considers elections the legitimate right of people and insists on supporting votes of the people and the results of just elections and asks all political parties including Taliban to demonstrate their influence among people in national programs such as elections. While standing against national programs and threating to disrupt them is emanate from the people’s accounting, unfortunately Taliban are suffering from such a fear.

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