13 July 2020

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Sunday, September 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peace is the desire of all nations, but for the people of Afghanistan not only a desire but is a need.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: September 21 is named by UN as World Peace Day.  The aim of naming is dissemination of peace values.
The day can provide an opportunity that politicians, military people and in general all residents of the globe think that a world without violence, living in peace and love is better than everything else. While fighting destructs all opportunities and values.
World Peace Day can attract public attention toward peace importance and encourage people to celebrate and honor the day according to their own styles.
Today peace is mentioned as the desire of all nations but this is not enough, one cannot consider peace as only an idea and desire and for accessing it use high feelings. The people in war torn countries like Afghanistan, Yamane, Syria, Iraq, Somali etc. insist on establishing strategies that make access to peace possible for the peoples of those countries. 
For the peoples of those countries, the life has introduced as fighting and campaign, while the life has beautiful dimensions that encourage continuation of life.
A humanitarian life is contrary to violence and fighting and the meaning of life is much higher than a person who inflames fighting or a person who is seeking his own interests explains.
One of the countries that had the desire for reaching peace is Afghanistan, the country that burning in flames of conflicts imposed by others for more than four decades. In spite all endeavors made for reaching peace, the problem has not yet solved and the people are not confident on their future.
World Peace Day observed in Afghanistan, while the county is at focus of peace efforts in recent months. Unfortunately contrary to those humanitarian efforts the country has be scene of terrorist attacks and outside interventions. The attacks’ targets were hospital, public services organizations and public exhibitions.
In international scene for restoring peace in to Afghanistan also made many efforts. There have been held no so many sessions and conferences on Afghan problem than those held for other countries. Also, the United Nations Organization has assigned more representatives and diplomatic delegations for Afghanistan. Unfortunately had no any result, and still the problem remained unresolved and the fighting is going on as before.
The problem is this that Afghanistan is involved in competition and proxy fighting launched by big powers and other countries of the region. Those countries follow and watching the peace process in Afghanistan due to their self- interests they bar the way for restoring peace in the country.
Peace could be restore and fighting could be end in Afghanistan only when the countries that have launched proxy war end the proxy war and stop supporting terrorist and extremist groups in Afghanistan.
The conflict in Afghanistan has imposed on our people; just UN can end this bloody tragedy via punishing and boycotting the countries involves and support terrorism in the region.

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