02 July 2020

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The Solution of the Current Problems is Only Possible Via Holding a National Gathering: Commentary

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Kabul (BNA) BNA social and political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: After Trump US president rejected negotiation between that county and Taliban after the killing of an American soldier, the Taliban representatives have started their efforts for revival of the negotiations.
The unofficial members of the of group’s office in Qatar have been traveled so far to Russia, Iran and China. They have asked the governments of Russia and China to cooperate in revival of negotiation between the Taliban and American representatives and encourage Trump to return to negotiation table.
Also, Omran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan in his recent visit with Trump raised the issue of restarting the negotiations.
But the efforts of Taliban for revival of negotiation so far have no any results and Trump who is popular for severity is standing firm on his stance and not provide the ground for returning to negotiations.
But inside Afghanistan the bosom of the people and state is open for peace and solidarity. The Afghan government from the beginning till the end has insisted in holding a national gathering and has asked Taliban to say yes to Afghan state proposal and positively answer to starting Inter- Afghans negotiations.
Today most of the world’s problems, such as the tense relation between America and North Korea seem to be settled on negotiation table. Unfortunately the Afghans are no capable to settle their own problem.
National understanding, endurance and convergence today have replaced military campaigns and evil and hidden conflicts and the wisdom is the key for settling most of the problems.
Taliban should know that the foreigners are seeking their own interests and to achieve their interests use all opportunities and possibilities. When they not achieve their objectives the dead of a soldier can bring everything to nothing.
Taliban should know that peace is not accessible only via efforts and appealing, because the outsiders are thinking about their own interests not the Afghans’. They use the Afghans as a means for meeting their own objectives and expecting the foreigners anything else will be a big mistake.
Ensuring peace in Afghanistan is possible by Afghans, if we have a correct definition from interests and untidily and practically work for achieving our interests.
Afghan people all involve factions holding a national gathering in Kabul the common house of all Afghans find a way settling the current problems and avoid going to capitals of other countries because this will deeper the strategies of those countries  in Afghanistan will have no any other consequence.  

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