12 July 2020

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Sunday, October 13, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Independent Election Commission should inform the people clearly about the process of election.
Effort for hacking in central server of Independent Election Commission is not just an electoral violation but it a big crime that its culprit should be severely punished.
However, there are disappointing stories that the system or central server of Independent Election has been hacked and the head of IT deportment of that agency has introduced to the office of Attorney General.
The problem is somewhat complicated and concerning because the problem made the independent election commission to invite two German Engineers to Kabul to solve the problem, those two German experts called the problem considerable even concerning.
The German company .those two engineers working for have the main role in activating the biometric system of election commission.
Those two engineers have said that a country or counties of the region have great role in hacking in central server of election commission. Although they have not named any specific country but earlier this the independent election commission had employed a group of engineers from a country in the region, now those engineers are at focus of attention.
A number of electoral staff claims that a specific group had great role in employment of foreign engineers to provide the ground for fabrication in to their own interests.
Now, it depends to independent election commission what program and strategy have for removing the newly created problems?
Especially, there is division among the authorities of this credible agency. One is talking about hacking In central server and information bank of the commission and the other claims that the attack of the hackers have removed, but the people want a clear answers .
The concerns of people are correct and justifiable while the technical means of the commission are not safe, how to believe in to transparency of the elections?
If they are talking about the presence of observers inside election commission, they know nothing about technical operations.
Therefore, it would be necessary the authorities of electoral commissions to focus more on the process of elections especially on internal affairs of the independent election commission.
The country or countries that were involved in hacking in to central server of the commission should be dealt via diplomatic sources and electoral group who have role in this corruptive program should be introduced via media and bring to the court.
The public confidence to the independent election commission comes when the commission responds clearly and frankly about the new developments to the people.

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