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Monday, October 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The people who make fire on mosques, sacred and public places and commit crimes and killing not only believe not Islam but not believe to basics of humanity also.
BNA religious affairs commenting on the issue writes two explosions took place in in Dehbala district Nangarhar province on Friday that killed more than 70 prayers.
The attack on that mosque clearly indicates that the people who claim Islam loving commit crime in places are holy for our people and worth a lot.
Attack on holly, public places and carrying slaughter among defenseless is not only within the frame of Islam but is contrary to Afghans’ culture and traditions.
However, studying the documents related to destructive activities such as mentioned above we should say that attack on holly and sacred places is a part of programs of aliens intelligence services who want to disseminate extremism in our community and destroy the frame of life and national unity in this country.
Mosques, holy places and funeral ceremonies are all the military targets of the terrorist groups. In addition to committing such brutal deeds they have martyred a number of religious scholars within the same time. Destruction and killing are the major prayers of so called Taliban and other terrorist groups dally carry out.
In conflict of Afghanistan continuing since a long time, armed opposition groups are fighting in the name of Islamic Sharia but against the instructions of holy Quran they kill innocent people, destroy bridges, roads and schools and kill the teachers and students there.
But the reality is this that committing such crimes Taliban and other terrorist groups proves the depth of their ignorance and lack of knowledge from Islamic teachings.
Therefore, it requires the leadership of Taliban and IS once again review their Islamic studies and find out how much activities performing daily are according to Islam and Islamic sharia?
We are sure if Taliban and other groups’ claim of being Muslim find out the correct answer of the above question, desist from killing and destruction and join peace.
We hope Taliban to do so, end violence and live among their compatriots peacefully and take active part in reconstruction of their homeland.

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