19 February 2020

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The recent developments in the region showed that the big countries are seeking their own benefits; there is no permanent friendship and hostility for them.
BNA social and financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes if we seriously pay attention on Syrian Kurds condition and in general on current situation of that country we find out that what kind of dealings are carrying out in Syria and big powers (Russia and America) with great cleverness created the issues and manage them.
Syrian Kurds who were the most confident sources of US in Middle East on Syria issue and Middle East a few days ago, in fight against IS defended the US interests and sustained heavy sacrifices but today their yesterday’s supporter (America) has released them.
Until yesterday the Syrian Kurds and other tribal minorities in north of Syria were introduced as heroes via western media, but today Trump US president frankly says that fighting of Kurds and Turkey is a territorial integrity war continuing for a century and not depends to America.
The incidents currently occurring in Syria and the incidents occurred after the collapse of Soviet Union in 1919s showed that the big powers are thinking only about their own interests. In political games or dealings there is no permanent friend and enemy but the enemy and friend are chosen according to national interests and the situation prevailed.
Here, the warm and friendly relations between Russia and Pakistan can be a good example.
Pakistan is a country since its establishment until now is defending and moving along Britain and America line and was against the policies and programs of former Soviet Union and present Russia, but after coming under criticism of America due to wrong policies referred Russia and Russia considering the situation opened its bosom to its former to enemy Pakistan and forgot the previous dealings and adventures in order to use Pakistan against its main rival America.
This indicates that the countries are moving along the line of their own interests, if there is a need America release Kurds and if it requires Russia welcomes Pakistan but we Afghans never made a definition from our interests but made a lot sacrifices for the interests of others.
Now Afghans should learn from the previous experiences that current conflict in their country is baseless and imposed by others for ensuring their own interests.
Therefore, it would be necessary for Afghans no wait to receive the key for settling the problems from the others but try to find way of the solution by their own and rescue the country from the current crisis.  

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