23 October 2020

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Ways of Ending Violence Against Women in Afghanistan: Commentary

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Monday December 2, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Violence against women is a serious social problems in Afghanistan, while government, civil activists, human rights and women protect organizations are trying to decrease violence against women in Afghanistan, but their efforts have not desired results so far.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, within the last few days International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women have been celebrated by launching dozens gatherings and ceremonies in the country; many words have said and heard about elimination of violence against women and promised for eliminating and decreasing of violence against women in Afghanistan.
40-years war affected mental health of Afghans and caused different psychological and social problems to the people; so violence against women have changed to a bitter and undeniable fact in our society. In the presence of abnormalities caused by war in our country, violence against women has been increased, based on reports released by credible organizations those protect women’s rights show that women are not safe inside their houses, while houses are most secure places in a society, but 80 percent of women in Afghanistan are facing with family violence.
Meanwhile, International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (ICEDAW) and also laws and regulations in support of women in Afghanistan have refrain violence against women, but violence against women widely exist in the country.
Beating inside homes, insult, forced married, rape, murder, forcing into prostitution, deprived from in-heritages, economic violence and…are the types of violence against women in Afghanistan.
Behavior and performance of security and judicial organs that their jobs are implementing laws insulting and humiliating with the women victims of violence.
Worst of all there are organizations that working for protecting women’s right and receiving more money from foreigners’ donors, they claimed that we work for decreasing violence against women, but their main aims are their personal interests and finding money for themselves.
Patriarchy, lack of religious and modern knowledges, absurd customs and traditions and lack of women awareness regarding their rights in the light of Holy Quran, Sharia and laws are the reasons that added the problems of women in Afghanistan.
Restoring women’s rights seem difficult, until women do not gain awareness about their rights in the light of Holy Quran, Sharia and laws, as long as we do not observe women’s rights based on mandate of Holy Quran, Sharia and regulations, till pulpits of mosques do not express women’s right widely and do not call absurd traditions as contrary to religious’ values and media do not promote observing of women’s right and until there are no major changes to the cultural, social and economic structures of Afghanistan.

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