24 October 2020

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Peace Will Come, If the Sound of Bullets Went Off: Commentary

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Sunday December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally the end of every war and violence is peace, but achieving peace is possible only by action not with slogans.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, since decades Afghans are disputing about peace and war in the country. Some people claiming that the external factors are the main reason behind war in Afghanistan and a numbers are thinking on internal factors of war, but the people never strength their will that themselves can achieve peace if they jointly work with government.
An enjoyable peace for Afghans is that achieved by themselves, meanwhile we can overcome on external and internal deterrent factors of peace.
Role of tribal elders and religious scholars extremely is important, tribal elders in every regions, villages and townships can demand from local people to prevent from influence of enemy and don’t allow foreigners’ factors to learn destruction, murder and killing innocent civilians abroad the country and implement it inside Afghanistan.
Likewise, the role of religious scholars is significant, they can learn to people that war, disputes, murder and killing people not compatible with the behavior and attitude of prophets and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Violence reduction, preventing from innocent killing and obeying the good and peace can put end point to disputes and the pain of all Afghans.
There are Afghans on both sides, since years government declares that don’t kill people by order of others, don’t destroy the country, don’t increase the number of orphans and widows, prevent from violence and hypocrisy, war is not the solution. Although armed oppositions know that they don’t win on the battlefield, yet they are continuing to their violence and inhuman actions.
Anyway, the end of every war is peace, numerous people have been killed/kills in war, but when a door opens for peace, violence must be ended and an opportunity will provide for achieving peace in the country.
When the sound of bullets went off, in that case negotiations and understandings make sense and opportunity will be provided for achieving a dignity and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. 

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