30 September 2020

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People Cooperation with Security Organs Essential for Ensuring Security/Commentary

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Sunday January 12, 2020
Kabul (BNA) For ensuring security and decreasing criminal cases in Kabul city, Ministry of Interior has prepare two security plans.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, recently ministry of interior for decreasing criminal cases and ensuring peace in Kabul city has prepare a month and three months security plans.
In the first plan, Ministry of interior absorbed on reasons of criminal cases in Kabul city and the second plan focused on reforms and capacity of police personnel in Kabul.
The plans prepared after murderers, armed robberies and people harassment has been increased in Kabul city and residents of Kabul expressed their concern over increasing criminal cases.
Afghan national police personnel for ensuring security and struggle against factors of criminal cases has taken serious measures in Kabul city within the last few days, dozens suspicious accused of different criminal cases were arrested by Afghan police personnel as well.
The latest activities and measures of Afghan police personnel appreciated by Kabul’s resident and the recent activities of police were full of achievements.
But, why the measures and activities didn’t taken in the past that until now we didn’t lost our hundreds of civilians.
Anyway, few months ago military of interior has been released a list of criminals and outlaws, but few of the criminals and lawbreakers were arrested by police personnel, while numerous suspicious forgot by the ministry and the process stopped.
It is mentionable that murders and thieves not only carried out by few robbers and killers, ministry of interior should pursue the main factors of the criminal cases in Kabul city.
Different weapons and military equipment buying and selling in Kabul city and beside that in some cases murders and thieves supporting by government officials, parliament representatives and tribal elders.
In most cases, suspicious and criminals were arrested by police personnel, but other relevant organs didn’t done their duties based on law and regulations.
Sources in Kabul police chief claimed that by accepting various hazardous we are trying to detain suspicious and criminals, but the arrested criminals easily release by judicial organs.
Only security organs not able to ensure security in the country, particular in Kabul city, but there is need that judicial organs, leaders of local councils, tribal elders and religious scholars with cooperation and coordination of security organs will be able to ensure security in the country.
For decreasing criminal cases, tribal elders, leaders of local councils, religious scholars and residents should cooperate with security organs to identify and detain criminals and lawbreakers in the country.

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