29 September 2020

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Afghans: Pakistan is the Cause of All Miseries & War in Afghanistan/Commentary

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Monday January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Shah Mahmood Qurishi Foreign Minister of Pakistani said, his country has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Pakistan’s foreign minister last week in a video message said that Taliban has shown willingness to reduce violence in war-torn Afghanistan after more than 18 years.
Remarks of Shah Mahmood Qurishi released, after media reported from progressing in US-Taliban peace negotiation in Doha, while Taliban officially didn’t accepted the agreement and US representatives also said nothing about the issue so far.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi in the video message spoke as Taliban leader or spokesperson, Qurishi remarks about Taliban is what Taliban should have said.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi said, “Today, positive progress has been made, the Taliban have shown their willingness to reduce the violence, which was a demand... it's a step towards the peace agreement.”
He added, “Pakistan has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process, we desire that the entire region moves towards peace, which benefits both Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
People of Afghanistan know that Pakistan is cause of all miseries and war in Afghanistan and war imposed on Afghans.
So, how can we believe on Qurishi’s remarks?
Pakistan by playing numerous intelligences games against Afghanistan, not only involved in long-lasting disputes in Afghanistan and the region, but also has gained privileges.
Bringing an independent group to peace negotiation and talking on behalf of the group that reduce violence in Afghanistan, can’t be the last world about Afghanistan peace process.
Pakistan spoke about agreed of US-Taliban peace deal that region has faced with different challenges and the country by its sensitive function increase crisis.
Negative role of Pakistan not only is clear for Afghans, but people across the world know about Pakistan hostile games; experts, politics, media, MPs, senators of western and U.S. blamed Pakistan about raising and maintaining terrorism in its soil.
Explicitly, we can be said that the remarks of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister about Afghanistan peace is a claim, while leaders of Taliban group are hidden in Pakistan, Pakistan’s nationals are involving in Afghanistan war and Pakistan’s intelligence manage the war, in such condition how can we said Pakistan has done honestly its responsibility regarding Afghanistan peace process.
Peace in Afghanistan taken hostage by specified and determined countries, peace will ensure in Afghanistan and the region, when region and the world countries direct and indirectly put an end point to support terrorism and extremism and proxy war.

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