30 September 2020

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Afghanistan People & Government Have No Trust on Violence Reduction/Commentary

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Tuesday January 21, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan government for accelerating peace process and end of war emphasize on ceasefire, while Taliban accepted violence reduction.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Sarwar Danesh Second-Vice President in a ceremony held on ‘Unveiling Human Rights Advocates’ Protection Strategy’ the other day in Kabul said, “Plan to reduce violence and suchlike is an ambiguous plan and a kind of fleeing from peace process in Afghanistan.
He emphasized that no trust and no hope would remain between the two sides, unless a direct intra-Afghan dialogue and the start of a broad ceasefire are agreed on.
The remarks stating while US-Taliban representatives discussed about reduction violence in Doha and Taliban also accepted the issue, but rejected ceasefire.
Ending war and ensuring peace in a war-torn country begins from trust and ceasefire is the first step of peace negotiations.
Afghans welcomed any steps, plans and procedures that strengthen peace process in the country, but emphasizing on Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace talks.
While peace negotiation between US-Taliban is full of challenges, but Second Vice-President says, so far, government and people of Afghanistan, including civil society activists, political parties and ethnic groups are excluded and drawn aside.
First the rumors and ambiguities in peace talks should be removed and the process should be managed that Afghans consider themselves involved in the process.
Means of negotiation in an agreement is that both sides and sides of conflicts be awareness about their national interests and end of war, while people and government of Afghanistan are not involved in Doha negotiation and without presence of government and people representatives we can’t talk about a comprehensive peace.
Afghanistan people completely and permanently want to end war and violence in the country and demanded from parties involved in conflicts that by considering national interests move toward a permanent and comprehensive peace.
Therefore, session be held in lack of Afghan government delegation, particular in Doha would not led to any effective result.
Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks is the only way for reaching a durable and dignity peace in Afghanistan.
Peace process will be strengthen, when Taliban act independently and expressed their views and decisions accordance to the will of Afghan people and declare preparedness to start negotiations with Afghanistan government.

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