05 April 2020

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Security Situation Increase People’s Concerns/Commentary

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Wednesday January 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Killing four members of a same family in seven PD Kabul city the other day indicate that security situation become more critical by passing every day in the city and increase concerns among people.
BNA security analyst commenting on the issue writes, four members of a family including a woman and her three children brutally have been killed by unknown men in Jangalak region, 7thPD Kabul city the other day.
Happening such criminal cases explicitly indicates that security situation become more hazardous by passing each day in Kabul city, the criminals do whatever they want and police accessibility is limited or impossible to them.
This is not only an incident took place in Kabul city, but residents of the city are witnesses of such brutal and inhuman acts every night and day.
Three days ago, a man was assassinated by armed gunmen in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul city and another youth was killed by armed thieves in the same area as well.
Two weeks ago, ministry of interior after shooting Ali Sina a student of American University of Afghanistan in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul, has prepared and implementing two security plans (One month & three months) in Kabul.
Since two weeks the measures and activities of Afghan national police personnel has been more serious than the past, besides that leadership of the ministry of interior has brought reforms in security precincts and district of Kabul, but recent incidents indicate that the reforms and measures didn’t improve security situation the city.
There are need that security officials act as principally and regularly regarding improving security situation in Kabul, only changes in security structure not enough.
The causes and factors of criminal cases should be investigated, beside police forces other security and judicial organs also have their problems, criminals are released without punishment, people emphasizing on standardize in administrative and professional orders in security and judicial organs.
Currently, murders, human traffickers and those have heavy crimes are living such as guests in prisons, while they must be executed. 
Improving security situation in the country, particular in Kabul city need serious activities and professional performances, slogan words never soothing the injuries of Ali Sina’s family and Abdul Star who lost his four family’s members, only decisiveness against crimes and criminals gives peace mind to the people, only determination and professional performances can improve security situation in Kabul.

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