11 July 2020

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The Role and Benefits of Education to Society/Commentary

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Monday January 27, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Among the social institutions of modern society education plays a vital role as one of the major branches of human activity, a country will progressed only via increasing education fields and opening school gates.
Value education helps in fostering and cherishing democratic qualities like liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, co-operative living, peaceful co-existence, respect to the dignity of individuals, sharing of responsibility, etc. These are essentials for the development of a nation and progress of the society.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, 4 Dalwa (23 January) is coincided to World Education Day, celebrating the day provide opportunities to assess our activities as a citizen, in-charge and an organization against education, what we done and what should we do for progressing education and long-lasting learning and knowledge system in the country.
Regular education system and exist of a standard, efficiency and effective education organized the identity of a society.
Education is a purposeful cognitive activity of people acquires knowledge and skills or improves them. The main purpose of education is the communion of the individuals to the achievements of human civilization, relaying and preservation of its cultural heritage.
Progress and develop of governments is belonged to educated people and having knowledgeable citizens is indicate a progress and development society.
Strengthen education system provide opportunities to the people of a society to growth their talents and abilities, by this way we can change a poor society into an advanced.
Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind.
Education has valuable mean for the people of Afghanistan the people remembered that Taliban have closed gates of schools for girls during their rule and boys have also studied in specified regulations determined by the group.
Presently, 11 million children and teenagers are studying in school that 40% are girls, the number indicate that people believe on education and future of the country.
Currently, thousands governmental and private school are active and millions students (boy & girl) are studying in governmental and private schools across the country.
Despite of that, 3.7 million students mostly girls deprived from going schools in Afghanistan.
Continue war, Taliban threats, restrictive regulations by Taliban group on schools and students, vicious customs and traditions among people, sexual discrimination, etc… have caused that 3.7 million students deprived from going schools in the country.
The number of students those deprived from going school is painful in Afghanistan.
Beside that problems in educational curriculum, behavior of teacher with student and vice versa, poverty, cultural decline, downfall of social values, etc… are issues that questioned educational system in the country.
While, the quantity of education has increased in Afghanistan, but quality is a challenges that education sector face in the country so far.
Afghanistan people believe that education is a key point for better future, justice and equality in a society, education help inequality. Therefore, education has significant, positive and active role in society. Progressing education and establishing a standard education system not only the duties of an organization or government, but education is a joint identity for all of us and we joined hand for increasing education and learning factors in Afghanistan.
Finally, Education is the golden path through which multitude of values can be transacted with the students; the budding citizens in a country.

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