11 July 2020

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President Ghani: Intra-Afghan Negotiators Should Represent Values of Islamic Republic & Constitution

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March 4, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that for intra-Afghan negotiation a delegation should be appointed that represent from values of Islamic Republic and constitution of Afghanistan.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, by signing US-Taliban peace agreement, intra-Afghan negotiation will be started within the next few days, but until now the combination and members of the delegation didn’t specified by government of Afghanistan.
Delaying in determination of delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue by Afghanistan government brought lots of debates among political circles, civil activists and residents of the country.
Some people believes that internal disputes among politicians has taken opportunities from people and government of Afghanistan, on the other hand, made stronger and more prominent the opposite side and now the main side of war in the country and the region has changed to main side of peace.
Delaying in announcement of intra-Afghan delegation and complexity in number and combination of the process has increase concern among people and the people fear from continuation of disputes and different views among politicians, will opened external intervention in the process and finally initiative will be taken from the people of Afghanistan.
Existence of disputes and different views among politicians in every country is common, but different views can’t harms national interests and commitments against people.
Currently, people of Afghanistan are facing in a multifaceted and sensitive political period, while this period didn’t manage correctly the collective identity is questioned and the future of Afghanistan people will be uncertain.
President Ghani in a press conference while talking about US-Taliban peace agreement said, we are trying to establish a delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue and emphasized that the delegation must represent the Islamic Republic values and Afghanistan constitution.
According to President Ghani remarks “Afghans should establish a delegation that involved professional and specialist figures and discuss legal, political and military issues as required, but all parts include to a comprehensive delegation that board of the delegation should be stationed in Kabul and will represent from all parts and strata and also principle participation should be observed.
People of Afghanistan are not satisfied from several round of negotiations held between Afghans and Taliban representatives in Masco and Doha. In those negotiations participants from Kabul have talked and discussed about their personal and group interests, because of that the opposite side get more points and raised more.
But, in this round people of Afghanistan emphasized that the number and combination of delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue should be compact and comprehensive. The delegation must be represent from values and 18 years achievements of the country and defend from aims and requests of Afghans. This is possible when members of the delegation have a unit viewpoint and coordination.

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