11 July 2020

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Taliban Restart Attacks on Public & Military Installations/Commentary

Written by  Manager2
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Thursday March 5, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Taliban by restarting their attacks on public and military installations, once again prove that they didn’t believe on political solution in the country.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, a day after signing US-Taliban peace agreement, once again the country was witness of violence, in which several civilians and Afghan security forces lost their lives.
Ministry of interior has announced Taliban fighters have launched 33 attacks on public and military installations within the last 24 hours, as a result several Afghan national defense and security forces and six civilians were killed. Before signing of US-Taliban peace agreement “Seven-day violence reduction have executed across the country” and expectations among people revive that there were no sound of bullets, anymore woman doesn’t lost her husband, any child doesn’t lost his/her father and a mother doesn’t lost her beloved one furthermore, but these expectations remained in aspire, so after signing peace deal Taliban has announced that they didn’t target foreign troops in Afghanistan, but continue killing of Afghanistan Muslim people as Jihad.
Such stance of Taliban clearly explicit that the group did not believe on solving Afghanistan political challenges, the fighters  are trying to reach their goals and determined programs. Taliban group, such as Pakistan is playing double game in peace agreement, the aim of the group from signing peace agreement with US and announcement preparedness for ending war in Afghanistan was a tactic movement.
Taliban by signing peace agreement with US tried to cut off presence of foreign troops from battlefields in Afghanistan and also decrease pressure on their fighters in battlegrounds.
Practically, Taliban start double game, first they signed peace agreement with US and now they are fighting with Afghan security forces and killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan.
While thought for solution of political challenges need confidence, but Taliban failed in this regard.
The group must have exact calculation from the current situation of the country, totalitarian in battlefield is self-deception.
The group should know that continuation of violence reduction is a part of US deal with them. If Taliban fighters do not know about the text of the signed agreement, they need to refer UNAMA, EU and Russia diplomats.
Recently, Ronald Kobia special representative of European Union for Afghanistan explicitly has said, “This is not the time for posturing, but the phase to build trust & move forward in a constructive manner.”
Also General Scott Miller commander of NATO and Resolute Support in Afghanistan said, “US will defend Afghan forces, situation is "fragile," reduction of violence is the objective, if Taliban don't live up to obligations US will respond.”
Also, senior security and defense officials of Afghanistan ordered to related organs to give decisive response to Taliban attacks.
These remarks represent that Taliban have entered with incorrect calculation. Today region and the world want to solve challenges in Afghanistan, they didn’t want an Afghanistan as seventy solar years.
National interests of Afghans should be the top priority in this regard, Taliban should have exact calculation in peace process and be ready to accept facts in Afghanistan and the region.


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