11 July 2020

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After Peace Agreement, US Troops Target Taliban Fighters/Commentary

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Saturday March 7, 2020
Kabul (BNA) After signing US-Taliban peace agreement for the first time US troops target Taliban hideout in southern Helmand province last week.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, US troops have targeted Taliban hideout in Nahr Saraj district, Helmand province on Wednesday (04 March), in which Taliban fighter have sustained casualties.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan ministry of defense also reported from launching several military operations against Taliban fighters across the country, particular in Nahr Saraj district of Helmand province.
The reports about US troops attacks on Taliban hideout in Helmand and conducting military operations against Taliban fighters in various parts of the country reported three days after US-Taliban peace agreement in Doha.
The agreement have determined the exact time of withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.
But, Taliban 24 hours after signing US-Taliban peace agreement have launched their attacks on Afghan security forces and civilians, based on ministry of interior report on Sunday 01 March (24 hours after signing peace agreement) Taliban have carried out 33 attacks in 16 provinces, as a result several civilians and Afghan security forces lost their lives.
It’s pathetic that a key member of Taliban group in Doha explicitly has said, by signing US-Taliban peace agreement Jihad is not allowed against foreign troops in Afghanistan, but Jihad will continued against Afghan national defense and security forces.
By signing US-Taliban peace agreement, Taliban have reached to their main goal (withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan), so there is no any reason for launching attacks and continue violence in the country beyond the group, they can solve and discuss various issues via disputes and political solution in negotiation table (intra-Afghan dialogue).
By ending phase of violence reduction, national and international organizations ask from Taliban to stop violence and war in Afghanistan, but Taliban didn’t stop violence and war and launched military operations against Afghan national defense and security forces and civilians in different parts of the country.
Taliban by launching the attacks have damaged on Afghan security forces and civilians it caused that Afghan national defense and security forces and US troops response against them.
Col Sonney Leggette spokesman of US forces in Afghanistan in reaction of Taliban attack said, “This was defensive strike to disrupt the attack, Taliban leadership promised the international community they would reduce violence and not increase attacks. We call on the Taliban to stop needless attacks and uphold their commitments. As we have demonstrated, we will defend our partners when required. We are committed to peace, however we have the responsibility to defend our Afghan National Defense and Security Forces partners. Afghan and US have complied agreements, however, Taliban appear intent on squandering this opportunities and ignoring the will of the people for peace.”
The remarks is clear that Taliban shouldn’t stop their incorrect calculation, stop violence and not ignore the life and interests of others.
Military and political experts believes that in politics arenas, simultaneous military strategy take political strategy as well.
Experiences in the countries that imposed war show that while the stand of governments were defensive, the enemies of the governments have prevailed. Only stand of military precaution defeat armed oppositions.
Thus, for ensuring sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan, there is need to fight against armed oppositions and defeat them in battlegrounds.

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