17 August 2017

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Kabul (BNA) All those journalists who haven’t gotten the journalist’s form from the international media center of the ministry are informed to contact the center on Tuesday, 01/09/1390 to get the form. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:39

Health Clinic Inaugurated In Kandahar

Kabul (BNA) A health clinic has inaugurated in Zhary district of Kandahar province today.
Dr. Abdul Qayoum Pakhlla head of public health of Kandahar said to BNA, the clinic including emergency section, vaccination and other health services to the child and mother.
With the inauguration of this clinic the health problem of hundreds families were solved in Zhary district.
This clinic has no building and it works in a rental house.

Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:25

Support To Taliban Decreases

Kabul (BNA) The Asia Foundation Survey that is support by the US indicates that almost 82% of the people are supporting reconciliation program of Afghanistan.
This survey shows that last year 40% and in 2009 56% of people  in Afghanistan were supporting the Taliban, however, this year this figure has decreased to 29%.
This survey has been carried in July, two months earlier of the death of Prof. Burhanudden Rabbani chairman of the high peace council of Afghanistan.
Almost 46% of the participants at this survey have stated that Afghanistan is moving towards reconstruction and they believe that security is also improving.
The survey notes that the majority of people are not happy with the administrative corruption calling it a big problem for the country and 38% of people consider insecurity as great problem especially those living in the South and West.
Others consider joblessness as their main problem and 71% fear displacements to other parts of the country.
The head of the Asia foundation notes that insecurity is the greatest problem of the people of Afghanistan.

Kabul (BNA) The traditional Loya Jirgah completed its deliberations by adopting of a 76 points resolution and speech of President Karzai.
This jirgah started its work on Wednesday in Kabul and debated strategic treaty with the US and the peace process with the opposition.
In his speech president Karzai not only expressed his satisfaction over the draft resolution of the Loya Jirgah but called this resolution and indicator if all issues that people think about them.
He added that the government of Afghanistan considers your resolution as the issues the people of Afghanistan think about.
He asked the media of the country to convey the contests of this resolution in different languages to the people of the country.
The President touched on three important issues and said that he desires that the basis of an order is founded in Afghanistan for its building, its economy grow and have a strong order so it can pay its security personnel salary by its own.
Another issues he mentioned was the future civil services in Afghanistan and said that the administration of Afghanistan its officials have no legal safety, today in any government post who is not happy with is being replaced.
According to him, efforts are being focus on direction so that the government employed on the basis of their quality not by the force of the tribe, money and facility with the government ranks.
At the end of his speech the president asked all the participants of the Loya Jirgah including the religious ulema and elders to encourage the ulema and elders to encourage their sons for education.
He called Afghanistan’s dependency due to low education knowledge of the sons of the country.
At yesterday‘s sessions of the Loya Jirgah the elected chairmen of the  40 work committees conveyed the views of their committees to the session and the most dominant point included termination of night searches by the international forces, equipping of the security and air forces of the country, observance of the laws and regulations of the country, elimination of parallel administrations with the government, respect to religious values of the people of Afghanistan, attention towards terrorist hideouts, stopping of interventions of the neighboring countries in domestic affairs of Afghanistan, and respect to the national sovereignty of Afghanistan.
The committees also expressed their views on the peace process which is included in the resolution of the Loya Jirgah.
The participants also asked in the resolution respect to the religious values of the people and asked the US and others countries to respect enforced laws of the country and put an end to the night searches.
The participants by confirming the resolution asked that the strategic treaty after adoption should be registered with the Security Council of the UN so that in case of any attack the US should cooperate with Afghanistan and the US should not allow the opposition to use its establishments and these bases should be on the borders and outside the cities of the country.
The participants also had concern over other issues to the strategic treaty with the US but they confirmed the views of the consultative peace council in the peace process.
President Karzai in his speech at the end of the meeting of the Loya Jirgah appreciated the tireless efforts of the security personnel and the patience of the Kabul residents and their interest.
Also at the end Salahudden Rabbani elder son of President Rabbani Shaheed of Peace of Afghanistan expressed his support of the consultations of the Loya Jirgah.
Prof. Sebghatullah Mujaddid Chairman of the Loya Jirgah considered the work of the Loya Jirgah as positive and ended its work with a prayer for welfare of the people of the country.

Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:10

Roadside Bomb Kills Four Children

Kabul (BNA)  A roadside bomb exploded near a playground, killing four children and wounding six in eastern Afghanistan on Friday. 
The children were between the ages of 4 and 11, said Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, a spokesman for the governor of eastern Nangarhar province. 
The bomb exploded in the province’s Behsud district. 
Insurgents often plant roadside bombs to target Afghan security forces or international troops. 
The devices usually detonate when someone steps or drives over them. 
One such device killed a member of the NATO-led military force in southern Afghanistan in the same day the coalition said without providing further details.

Kabul (BNA) The Afghans hope towards ensuring security has increased compared to the past, says an internet site. 
On the basis of survey carried out by Gallet internet site, the Afghans have become more hopeful towards improved security and they freely move, while the figure in this respect was recorded at 8% in 2010. 
Also the survey indicates that the number of jobless have increased compared to the past years.

Kabul (BNA) General Abdul Rahim Wardak, minister of defense met with US air force commander on Tuesday here in Kabul. 
In the meeting, Afghan security situation, improvement of ANA, effective operations against terrorists and prevention from civilian casualties were the issues discussed between the two sides. 
Minister of defense appreciated the US for its active role and said equipment of Afghan air force is the top priorities of ANA. 
He asserted carrying out the military tasks independently seems difficult without equipment of Afghan air force. 
General Swartz reiterated his country’s long-term cooperation with Afghanistan in training, improving and equipping of the air force of Afghan National Army.

Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in his Radio speech touched on historic importance of Traditional Loya Jirga and hoped that advises of the jirga related to important issues of the country would be only guidance. 
The president in his bi-weekly speech broadcast through national radio of Afghanistan said, “I’m very happy that with the help of Almighty Allah and cooperation of our people, we held another traditional jirga opened on Wednesday. 
In the history of Afghanistan, jirga is a trustworthy and unique tradition which is unprecedented in the world. 
Our people have always invited Loya Jirga during the important moments of the history for discussing some national issues and based on consults and decisions of the jirga, the issues and problems of the country have been solved.” 
The president asserted that honorable ulemas, tribal elders, members of national assembly, university lecturers, school teachers, men of culture and representatives of social classes hand participated in the current Loya Jirga and today the country is in a historic position. 
After three years, international forces are leaving Afghanistan and in such situation, we would face with which kind of problems, and how would be the security, regional challenges, economical improvement and international assistance to Afghanistan. 
Therefore, Afghanistan is talking with a number of world countries in particular the US related to strategic cooperation. 
For choosing goals and whatever conditions of the strategic cooperation, consultation with Afghan people was necessary. 
Thus, after martyrdom of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, head of high peace council, efforts for maintaining peace faced with problems and selecting clear ways for peace also needed national consultation. 
Therefore, we have invited the traditional Loya Jirga and presented these two issues to be discussed by Afghan representatives in the jirga. 
The president added, “During the inaugural ceremony of the jirga, I’ve given details related to the issues. 
In this radio speech, Hamid Karzai also said, “Our strategic cooperation with various countries of the world and our relations with foreign countries will not harm any other countries. 
We’ve set our national diplomacy first based on our national interest and respect of other national interest, adding we will never let anybody use of our soil against others. 
The president also said I hope that the result of the jirga’s sessions would be in the goodness of jour people because people of Afghanistan are looking forward to the jirga’s results. 
I believe that the jirga would give consultations according to Afghanistan’s national interests and would have guidance to us and I wish the jirga further success in this regard.

Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany during which both sides discussed on cooperation of Germany in different spheres to Afghanistan and the Bonn Conference to be held in the beginning of December of current year. 
President Karzai and the German Foreign Minister attended a joint press conference. 
Calling Germany as friend of Afghanistan President Karzai said that Afghanistan appreciates Germany for preparing the Bonn Conference and other conferences on Afghanistan. 
The German Foreign Minister said that his country has taken necessary readiness for the conference and few are waiting for the Afghan delegation to the conference and we want that Germany once again play a constructive role in Afghanistan.
He added that Germany will not forget Afghanistan after 2014 and will stand on its side and continue our cooperation. 
He stressed that stability and better security of Afghanistan not only is to the benefit of Afghanistan but to the region and the world at large. 
President Karzai noted that the Berlin and Bonn Conferences and other conferences on Afghanistan and the coming Bonn Conference is indicator of goodwill and cooperation of Germany to Afghanistan and Germany has assisted Afghanistan in different spheres in the past ten years.

Kabul (BNA) In the session held on the fourth day of the tradition Loya Jirga, views and suggestions of the committees were presented in the session. 
In yesterday’s session, first professor Sibghatullah Mujjadidi, head of the jirga, considered the work of the jirga as positive and expressed his hope that the jirga’s work to be better ended. 
In the session, heads of the committees presented their committees proposed conditions and suggestions related to signing of the strategic cooperation with the US and mechanism of peace talks with the opponents of the government. 
By presenting a number of proposed conditions, they agreed with the agreement of the strategic cooperation with the US and said national sovereignty should be saved in the strategic cooperation. 
The agreement should not harm regional relations with Afghanistan and should not use Afghan soil against neighbors. 
The session also emphasized on stopping night raids, irresponsible efforts of foreign forces, interference in the affairs of foreign and domestic affairs of Afghanistan, respect to Islamic and religious values of Afghan people, maintaining of security and preventing from the interference of the neighboring countries. 
Heads of the committees also asked the government to follow peace talks with those whose address is known.