19 February 2018

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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:31

Three Mine Planters Killed In Kandahar

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) Two mine planters were lost their lives by their own planted mine in Maroof district of Kandahar province yesterday. 
Jaweed Faisal spokesman for Kandahar governor said to BNA, these mine planters were killed when they wanted to plant mine near the house of a local police commander in Ghodi area, Maroof district of Kandahar province, during planting the mine, it exploded and killed them. 
According to another report, a mine planter was killed in air attack of ISAF forces. 
Jaweed Faisal spokesman for Kandahar governor said that a person wanted to place a mine in Panjwai district of Kandahar province, was identified by ISAF forces and killed. T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:30

10 Taliban Militants Arrests In Helmand

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Lashkargah (BNA) Ten armed Taliban militants were arrested in a military operation by national army soldiers in Helmand province yesterday. 
According to reports, this operation carried out in the outskirts of Nahersaraj and Washir districts on the hideouts of Taliban fighters. 
Daud Ahmadi, spokesmen for Helmand governor said to BNA, in this operation, 10 armed Taliban including a commander of them with heavy and light arms have been arrested. In this operation, the national army soldiers and civilians had no casualties.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:29

Two Schools Constructed In Samangan

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Aibak (BNA) Two school buildings were inaugurated by governor of Samangan in Aibak center of that province yesterday. 
The girls’ primary school of Robatak village and middle school of Shorabiak village center of Samangan province have been constructed on an area of 2 Jiribs of lands in one story each.
Each building has 8 classrooms and other necessary facilities.  Khairullah Anosh governor of Samangan said that the expenditure of these schools are $ 240,000 and funded by Swedish country and work of these school took place by UNECEF office. 
According to the governor, these schools have been constructed in the remote village which has 50 Km distance from center of that province.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:27

Taliban Kills 3 Policemen In Farah

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Farah (BNA) Taliban using national army uniform killed three policemen in Farahroad district of Farah province yesterday. 
Sayed Mohammad governor of Farahroad district said to BNA, the three policemen were killed when Taliban wearing national army uniform killed three policemen and took their arms and vehicle.  
Mohammad Ghous Malyar, police chief of Farah confirming this event said police forces have dispatch to Farahroad district for transferring of bodies of three policemen.  T. Suraya-Yarzzada

Good afternoon everyone,
Your Excellency Minister Krishna,
Thank you so much for those kind words. It is an honor and a privilege to be back in New Delhi. I feel right at home here. Please allow me to express my deepest appreciation to you, your colleagues and the great people of India for your warm welcome and extraordinary hospitality you’ve extended to me and the entire Afghan delegation on this visit.
In Afghanistan, there is a tremendous natural affinity and affection towards India. And I think that comes from the deep, ancient roots of the historical bond between our two countries and peoples – a bond defined by a common history, common culture, and a reliable friendship and partnership between us.
As you all know, we signed our first bilateral long-term strategic partnership agreement with India. And I am proud to be joining my dear friend and colleague H.E. Minister Krishna in launching the Afghanistan-India Partnership Council, a forum that brings together and further strengthens the existing comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries.
The two of us and our respective delegations have had the opportunity over the past two days to discuss and share concrete ideas and plans in moving forward our cooperation in the security and political, economic and trade, education and capacity building, social and cultural fields, and people-to-people contacts. Our cooperation and partnership in all these areas is not only good for our two countries but also important for promoting peace, security and prosperity in the region.
India has been the largest development assistance partner to Afghanistan in the region over the past decade. Among other areas, your support, including your generous $2 billion development assistance since 2001, has helped us build key roads, provide essential healthcare services to our people, send millions of Afghan children to schools inside the country and thousands more, including army and police officers, to colleges across India, and begin to revive our agricultural sector.
This is a critical time in Afghanistan’s progress towards peace, stability, development and the consolidation of our young democracy. We keenly look forward to further advancing our partnership with India on all these and other important matters in the months and years to come.
Your Excellency, thank you very much once again for your hospitality and friendship.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) 900 Jiribs of Lands were cleaned from poppy bushes in Panjwai, Zheri and Mawand districts of Kandahar province today. 
The in charges of anti-narcotic of Kandahar said that, 900 Jiribs of Lands have been cleaned from poppy bushes in three districts of Kandahar province. 
Head of anti-narcotic of Kandahar said, 335 Jiribs of lands in Panjwai district, 165 Jiribs of lands in Maiwand and 400 Jiribs of lands in Zheri district were cleaned.  
This program is continuing till cleaning of other areas of the mentioned districts.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan and coalition forces in separate operations killed 19 armed militants in several provinces of the country yesterday.  According to interior ministry press office to BNA, these operations conducted in the outskirts of Kabul, Baghlan, Faryab, Kandahar, Helmand, Maidan-Wardak, Logar, Khost and Farah provinces, in which 19 armed militants were killed, three wounded and five others were detained. 
In these operations, 6 different types of arms, 5 heavy ballets, 3 mines, a grenade, 373 kg of narcotics and 8 motorbikes were seized by these forces, said the source. 
Another report says that, the national police forces discovered and defused three planted mines which were placed by armed militants in the vicinities of Nangarhar, Baghlan and Jouzjan provinces.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Three armed commanders of Taliban arrested in military operations in the country today. 
These commanders have been arrested in combined operations of Afghan and NATO forces from outskirts of Helmand and Laghman provinces.  
According to NATO press statement these commanders directed Taliban terrorist attack in the vicinities of Washer and Nahr-i-Saraj districts of Helmand and Qarghai of Laghman provinces. 
While arresting one of these commanders in Qarghai district of Laghman, clash took place, in which a number of armed Taliban fighter have been killed. The report said nothing about casualties of Afghan-NATO forces and civilians.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Maidan-Shaher (BNA) Eight mine planters were killed in Maidan-Wardak province last night. 
Shahidullah Shahid spokesman for Maidan-Wardak governor said to BNA reporter, these militias wanted plant mines along the road in the Ghonakhail area center of that district, came under air attack by ISAF forces and killed. 
Two Kalashnikovs, a quantity of different types of bullets and several mines were seized by these forces, he said.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 10:08

Economic development

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) According to the released reports on the problems and miseries, there are 13 million youth among nearly 30 million population of the country facing severe poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan.
As human forces, Afghanistan, can provide the youth with job facilities and put a permanent end to the poverty. By building power and water dams on the great roaring rivers of the country to produce electricity, and irrigate the vast arid deserts with potential agricultural capacity, along with this, industrial parks should be built in the country in order to entice foreign and domestic investors to invest in the industrial production and factories and other long term projects, as well as to tackle insecurity, lack of electricity and provide convenience for the people.
Only then the insecure economic condition of Afghanistan will be rehabilitated with the help of which the poverty and employment of youth and other people will be addressed and way will be paved for the economic development of the country. By this way our war-torn and backward country will very soon stand by its own feet and will come to the competence of developed nations.
According to a reliable report the departments of investment of Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the last one year in the implementing of economic, industrial projects 14 percent increase has come in the foreigner’s investment.
According to domestic investors thousands of old operating productive industries and factories has stopped due to insecurity, lack of electricity and other problems which cause the unemployment and poverty of thousand youths and other people and consequently severely damage the economy of the country .
The main cause of standstill of these productive projects from one side is lack of electricity, land and security and from the other side lack of markets for the exhibition of their products and the import and use of foreign products in the country.
It is the national and responsibility of ministries of economy, finance, commerce and industry and other related organs and even of Afghan traders and people to pave the way for the sale of domestic products in domestic and foreign markets.
Through this process they should lure the owners of factories, industries and the owner of other economic projects and stand them economically by their own feet. The investors and traders of Afghanistan should also produce qualitative products in their factories and present them in affordable price to the customers and by this way trounced foreign products and create market for the own products.
Otherwise they will lose the markets of their products and will confront great economic problems.