24 November 2017

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Lashkargah (BNA) Two Ministers of Denmark in their visit from Helmand province emphasized on continuation of their country’s cooperation with Afghanistan.  
Press responsible of Helmand province reported to BNA, the Foreign and International Development Program Ministers of Denmark in a trip to Helmand province visited the police training center in Lashkarga city and emphasized on continuation of cooperation of that country with Afghanistan. 
The mentioned ministers had met with Helmand governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal as well.
In this meeting they assured that in 2014 they will end their military mission in Afghanistan, especially in Helmand province but they will continue their cooperation in development areas with Afghanistan. 
Governor of Helmand Mohammad Gulab Mangal after the meeting said, the mentioned ministers assured that they will assist Helmand province in mechanization of agriculture system, struggle against narcotic, training and equipment of police, extension of medical services and education fields. 
Some days back, the US foreign deputy minister ministry in a short trip from Helmand province, met with a number of youths in that province.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 26 November 2011 09:53

NATO attack kills 20 Pakistani troops


PESHAWAR: NATO helicopters from Afghanistan carried out an "unprovoked" attack on a Pakistani border post, killing at least 20 troops and injuring four others Saturday, the military said.

According to a military spokesman, NATO helicopters carried out unprovoked and indiscriminate firing on a Pakistani checkpost in Mohmand agency last night.

Security officials in the Mohmand tribal region near the Afghan border and a military official in Peshawar said 20 troops including two officers were killed in the pre-dawn incident.

They said the attack took place on the Salala checkpost in the Baizai district of the rugged tribal terrain.

NATO confirmed it was aware of "an incident" near the border and said it was investigating.

All entry and exit points of Mohmand Agency were sealed by the security forces after the incident.


Kabul (BNA) Afghan and coalition forces in several operations in some provinces of the country killed 13 armed oppositions and detained 17 others. 
According to defense ministry press office to BNA, the operations carried out in the vicinities of Kabul, Helmand, Urozgan and Herat provinces in which 13 armed oppositions were killed and 17 others were detained. 
In these operations, a quantity of heavy and light arms consisting of 2 Kalashnikovs, 2 pistols, 34 anti-vehicle mines, 2 sets of communication means and 15 mortar mines were seized by Afghan forces, said the source. 
Meanwhile, the national police personnel discovered and seized 7 explosive devices, a rocket launcher, 2 sets of communication means, 2 gun bullets, one Kg of Ammonium Nitrate, an anti-personnel min, 2 missile rockets and 15 mortar mines which were placed by armed opposition for destruction and terrorist activities in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the first vice president met with a number of elders, ulemas and influential figures of various districts for Badakhshan province here in Kabul the other day. 
In the meeting which was attended by governor and a number of parliamentarians, Dr. Shah Wali Adeeb, governor of Badakhshan spoke about the projects launched by government in the province where the projects have put huge impacts on the improvement of the people’s life. 
Pointing out related to holding the loya jirga, the first vice president said the jirga has proved that the Afghan government and the people are with each other and know the national interests the top priorities better. 
The first vice president also pointed out related to role of Badakhshan people in maintaining peace and stability in the country, adding there are a large number of Badakhshan youth who have joined the national army and are busy in defending the country along with their other brothers from across the country. 
In the meeting two elders representing the others numerated the people’s problems in various sectors as roads, education and lack of buildings for government institutions in the province. 
They asked the government for solution of the problems in particular construction of roads and building for government institutions in the province.

Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:16

Fourth Session Of SAARC To Be Held In Kabul


Kabul (BNA) It is expected that the fourth session of SAARC in relation to smuggling of women and children is held in Kabul this week. 
Already delegations from India, Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka have arrived in Kabul. 
The session is hosted by the ministry of labor, social affairs, martyred and disabled with the cooperation of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Information and Culture. 

Kabul (BNA) The elders of Badakhshan in their meeting with President Karzai asked follow up of perpetrators of martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani. 
At the meeting that took place in Presidential Palace was attended by Nematullah Shahrani Minister Advisor and some other representatives of the people of Badakhshan at the House of people and the Traditional Loya Jirgah. 
Gunj Ali Amirir, Kamel Big and Nazir Ahmad Neromand asked for follow up of perpetrators of martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani and naming the Kabul International Airport after the name of Ustad Rabbani and upgrading of higher education of Badakhshan in the name of Shaheed of Path of Peace. 
The elders also expressed their support to the Traditional Loya Jirgah resolution and asked for government attention towards building up of the Silk Route, building of Badakhshan circular route, construction of asphalting of Faizabad towards Yaftal district, Yawan, Raghestan and Dartwaz districts. 
They also asked for implementation of power project of 4.5 mega watt of Shurabek, creation of professional training in Badakhshan, creation of teachers colleges, religious Darul-Ulum in each district and employment of the province’s cadres in government departments. 
The elders added that the people have been affected by drought and they need urgent assistance. 
President Karzai said that the Afghan delegation for investigating the martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani has arrived in Pakistan. 
He justified the wish of the people as justified in relations to the silk route and added that this route links China with Afghanistan and it is a vital national project and may eliminate our dependency to others and shall improve our economy. 
As regards the successful holding of the Traditional Loya Jirgah, he said that the Loya Jirgah despite some opposing views has been a big success. 
He assured the people that their other proposals will be duly addressed.


Kabul (BNA) The House of People summoned in charges of the Disaster Preparedness Department in order that advanced measures are adopted prior to the winter and to cope with the drought. 
Chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the General Meeting of the House of People was attended by Mohammad Asif Rahimi Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jarullah Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development and Abdul Qudus Hamidi Minister of Public Works, Soraya Dalil Acting Minister of Public Health and Mohammad Dayem Kaker Chairman of the National disaster preparedness Department and representatives of some other foundations. 
At the beginning Mohammad Dayem Kaker reported on the performance of that department in 34 provinces, saying that in the recent drought 31 provinces have been affected. 
He informed the deputies of distribution of wheat, rice, ghee, blankets, medical medicines, improved seeds, animal fodder and other primary needs of the affected people.  He added that related departments have adopted special measures for assisting the affected people in verified drought-hit regions. 
Considering the approved budget by the Council of Ministers there is need for USD456 million and we hope that by obtaining this assistance the problems will be adequately addressed.

Kabul (BNA) General Zahir Azimi, spokesman for Afghan ministry of defense and ISAF’s spokesman in a joint news conference on Wednesday said, “ANA operations launched in a number of provinces as Nooristan, Kunar, Laghman, Paktia, Zabul, Helmand, Khost, Logar, Paktika, Nimroz, Herat and Badghis were successful, adding the operations have been launched for clearing the area from the presence of armed insurgents. 
He said a large number of armed insurgents have been captured in the operations. 
The spokesman appreciated ANA and all other security organs for their efforts made for maintaining security during the traditional loya jirga. 
In the conference, general Qadam Shah Shaheed, 111 division’s commander said five individuals including a spy working for the neighboring country’s intelligence network have been arrested in Arghandi area of Kabul. 
He said the individuals wanted to enter to Kabul by using an explosives laden vehicle. 
Meanwhile, spokesman for ISAF said John Allen, general commander of NATO has appreciated the Afghan security organs for their efforts during the traditional loya  jirga.

Kabul (BNA) Addressing the training parliament of the youth led by Azizurrehman Tayyeb chairman of youth training parliament Dr. Reheen Minister of Information and Culture said that the societies which reached the lofty stages of development they were bestowed with the virtue of knowledge of their able youth.  
Dr. Raheen added that the youth who are acquainted with the parliament tomorrow they can enter as elected representatives of the people and they should think how they can serve their society. 
He noted that no other book like Holy, Quran has thoughts about knowledge and thinking. 
Thereafter the young representatives asked questions relating to cultural aggression, weak training programs in the media, importer serials published by some media, remaining of youth without a destiny at the entrance exams, struggler against narcotics, production of local films, preservation of historic relics especially Aeinak Copper Mine, prevention of abusing of personalities in the media and other such issues. 
Dr. Raheen and Temur Shah Ishaqzai deputy minister of youth affairs of information and culture ministry answered the youth’s questions. 
They said that those youth who remained without destiny at the entrance exams will be accepted by some higher education institutions in the center and provinces and so far 35,000 of the youth in accordance with the agreement have been accepted by that institution with consider fee discount. 
They also said that 16 youth centers have been established in the provinces and the high youth council has been established at country level. 
As regards the media publications, Dr. Raheen noted that the media in our country considering Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and Bangla Desh are in a better position. 
Dr. Zalmai Zabuli financier of the training parliament mentioned the 25th of November the international day of banning violence against women and added that all our people including our youth have the responsibility for preventing violence against the women. 
He stressed that on behalf of the House of People I assure all the women and mothers of the country that we will assist women in passing legislation of prevention of violence against women from the parliament.

Saturday, 26 November 2011 07:03

Congratulatory Message

Kabul (BNA) On behalf of Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, delivered a congratulatory message has been dispatched to Noor Sultan Nazar Bayouv, president of Kazakhstan on the occasion of national day of that country. 
The message wished warm greetings and best wished on the occasion of national day of Kazakhstan and said, “Friendly relations between the two countries will put positive impacts on consolidation and improvement of political and economical relations.
Meanwhile, minister of foreign affairs Dr. Zalmai Rasoul has delivered a congratulatory message to Kazakh’s foreign minister on the occasion of Kazakhstan’s national day.