17 February 2019

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Sunday December 2, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim First Vice-President of Afghanistan met with some elders and influential of Takhar province yesterday.
To start with Marshal Fahim attributed solidarity of the people one of the conditions for victory at the Jehad and resistance era and added that these values belong to all our people equally and we should preserve it.
He recalled that under the present condition our people need security and restoration of order in the country and I am sure that the brave children of the country will defend their country.
He assured the elders of the province that with the blessing of Allah, today of our security forces are covering the security of almost 75% of the territory of Afghanistan and this will further expand throughout the country in the coming two years and then the government will be elected by the people and other responsibilities relating to the economic expansion and people’s welfare will also be shouldered by the government.
He asked them to cooperate with the security forces and stand on their sides and support them.
Two elders representing others expressed support to the government programs and shared their environmental problems with the vice-president.
Marshal Fahim assured them that due attention will be paid in resolving their problems.

Sunday December 2, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has released a statement in respect to the tri-partite meeting of authorities of Afghanistan Pakistan and China supporting restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan considering the wishes for the future of the people and government of Afghanistan.
The second meeting of three countries’ senior political; specialists discussing the process of restoration of peace in Afghanistan was held in Islamabad.
Quoting the statement of the Pakistan foreign ministry it is said that the sides have reached agreement on domestic discussions in Afghanistan that would guarantee peace and stability in the country.
The authorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China emphasized that organizing of regular consultative meetings among the three nations can play an important towards peace and stability in the region especially strengthening of tri-partite cooperation.
They added that close and continued cooperation among the regional countries is necessary and they expressed their joint commitments towards struggle against terrorism and extremism.
The meeting was led by Sayed Ibrar Hussain, General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and the Afghan and the Chinese delegations were led by Azizuddin Ahmadzada, Director General of First political Division of Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan and Huwang Shi Lian, Advisor of political division of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The commission of the assigned ministers confirmed the proposal for the exploration and division of production of petroleum of Afghan-Tajik zone.
The commission after thorough discussions and studies confirmed the proposal of the consortium including the companies of the Kuwait Energy Pilk, Tappo Turkey Dragon Oil company, and their Afghan shareholders Ghazanfar Group for exploration and division of the petroleum zone for two blocks and authorized the assigned commission representing the ministers to start talks with the consortium for preparing the contract.
After placing it to the bidding and expression of willingness of the 20 world companies and also specifying of 8 eligible companies fir exploration of this zone the commission selected the above companies considering their offers along with their proposals.
The process has been carried with the presence of the representatives of those companies and the assigned commission members. 
After economic assessment of the offers of the above companies were confirmed.
The Minister of Mines welcomed the trust shown by the world investors in Afghanistan and believes that holding of contracts will be beneficial for continued economic growth of Afghanistan.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Spokesman for presidential palace, Ajmal Faizi has rejected the remarks of British Defense Minister in which he cited judiciary problem as obstacle in handing over prisoners to Afghan government. 
Faizi has said that arresting and holding Afghans in detention centers is a violation of Afghanistan national sovereignty. 
British defense minister, reportedly had said that due to problems in Afghan jails and judiciary problems there, the British forces cannot hand over the detainees to Afghan government, Commenting on Bagram detention center, Faizi stated that the stance of government is clear and that is that no foreign country can have detention center in Afghanistan, saying the Bagram jail should be handed over to Afghan government in its earliest. 
He also noted that president Hamid Karzai with regard to transition of Bagram prison from US troops to Afghan government sent a letter to President Barack Obama last Thursday.

Kabul (BNA) The US Senate has approved General Julive Danford as new commander of NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and American troops in Afghanistan.
President Barack Obama had recently proposed General Danford to replace General Johin Allan, the serving commander of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The international medical conference on children opened in Kabul yesterday.
Organized by French hospital and attended by medical experts from Afghanistan and foreign countries, children related diseases and scientific research in the field were discussed.
Minister for public health Dr. Suraya Dalil in her opening remarks said the investment in the field of children health has significant role in preventing malnutrition, growing children and eventually growing economy and national revenue.
She also noted the 10 years ago 254 children out of 1000 infants died before reaching five year old.
According to survey one child dies before reaching five years old due to measles and whooping cough, adding the public health ministry would include vaccine for whooping next year.
The director of French hospital in Kabul, Dr. Aziz Ahmad said that the hospital had provided services in the field of children medical treatment particularly in the field of heart surgery over the past seven years.
An agreement was also inked by minister Dalil under which young doctors of government hospitals will revive training in the French hospital.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In response to the letter of President Karzai which were addressed to the Pakistani religious and political leaders and in condemnation of the terrorist attack on Malala Yusufzai, Mohmoud Khan Achekzai leader of the Pashtunkhwa National Awami Party has emphasized on the serious struggle against enemies of education and knowledge.
He added that the people and the political and national leaders having raised their voice, indicates that it is a painful issue to be thoroughly assessed and this voice should not be silenced.
He added that both sides should put up a though struggle against the enemies of education and knowledge and it is necessary that practical steps are taken on this direction so that our children are saved from cruelties.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai accepted the credentials of the Belgian ambassador to Kabul Arnold Tools in a ceremony the Presidential Palace during which the president and the ambassador discussed expansion of relations between the two nations.
President Karzai at the meeting thanked the Belgian government for its assistance in the past years and expressed the hope that during the mission of the new Belgium ambassador ties between the two nations further expand.
The Belgian ambassador assured the president that he and his team in Afghanistan will strive to further expand cooperation between the two nations especially in the education and higher education.
Dr. Zalmai Rasul Foreign Minister and head of the protocol department of the ministry were also present at the ceremony.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai visited the agricultural machineries and the models of two projects of ministry of agriculture and irrigation that are ongoing in some provinces.
Present was minister of agriculture and irrigation, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, the president observed the models of the orchard and animal husbandry and the support  projects for agriculture developments well as rural growth. 
Talking at the ceremony minister of agriculture and irrigation said that the orchard and animal husbandry project is the basis of agricultural development in Afghanistan that are covering six years 2013-1018 including orchard development, poultry and creation of agricultural cooperatives and animal health clinics which will be implemented 23 provinces.
Explaining the activities of these projects, agricultural officials told President Karzai that so far the orchard and animals husbandry projects have been implemented in 60 district of 11 provinces on over 23,000 jiribs of land, around 20,000 farmers have received professional training while the advanced system of grapes plants were applied on 440 jeribs vineyards. 
The added that 250,000 units of poultry have been created by the vulnerable women and 373,000 chickens were distributed to them. 
Meanwhile 21 million eggs were produced of which 65% were marketed.
Under this project a unit for producing of liquid nitrogen was also purchased as the cost of USD 500,000 and installed in the Beneihessar of Kabul for improving animal breeds. 
Also 232 private animal clinics in 34 provinces have been created and equipment costing USD 11,000 has been procured for each of these clinics and the veterinarians were trained. 
While explaining their activities the officials of the sector for supporting rural agricultural development, creation of proper commercial system for production of dairy products and investment in poultry development. 
Talking on the strategic plan of this department they added that the plan includes expansion and facilitating of economic development packages to the provinces of the country. 
They stressed that presently this department is active in Nangarhar, Balkh, and Badakhshan provinces and it is expected that Kabul, Parwan, and Herat will soon be covered as well.

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Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Pakistan in their latest meeting on Friday, November 30 in Islamabad agreed the conference of religious scholars from across Islamic world to be held in Kabul early next year (2013).
The BNA commentator writes in that regard:
The foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Pakistan, following the prior meetings of the high ranking official of the two countries   for settling insecurity problem in Afghanistan which heavily related to regional and international peace and stability, held a meeting in Islamabad recently in order to find a favorite solution to the problem.
Such meetings are the result of the active diplomatic policy of the country, aiming to speed up the process of negotiations with the countries which are in one way or another involved in Afghanistan case and has influence on Taliban leadership.
The sources of Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs have said that Dr. Zulmai Rasool the ministry of foreign affairs during his visit to Islamabad, talking to high ranking officials of Pakistan, among them the foreign minister of that country discussed the release of a number of Taliban prisoners in Pakistan, the problem of Afghan refugees in that country, transit problem and other urgent issues. One of the main issues in which they agreed was holding the meeting of religious scholars from across Islamic world in Kabul. This is of great importance, because for years Afghanistan has been the victim of terrorist and suicide attacks carried out in the name of religion and Islam. While there were different interpretations from suicide attacks in the region, the pious Afghan people and its religious scholars consistently insisted that Islam is the faith of peace, justice and brotherhood and friendship and severely denounces violence, terror, suicide and murder. But with great regret there are certain groups in the region who justify such barbaric and satanic actions according to Islam in order to achieve their evil goals in the region
The other important issue which was very important in talks of the Afghan foreign minister with his Pakistani counterpart was the release of Taliban prisoners from Pakistani jails.
Dr. Zulmai Rasool asked Pakistani authorities to hand over all Taliban prisoners to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Earlier, Pakistan government had somewhat cooperated in the issue. During the visit of the president of high council of peace to Islamabad, Pakistani authorities released 9 Taliban prisoners but still some outstanding figures are behind the bars of Pakistan prisons.
Not releasing those figures is questionable, the Pakistani authorities should answer.
Meanwhile, the two sides discussed the issues such as promoting economic cooperation, settling the transit problems and solving the problems of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Without doubt overcoming those problems and economic cooperation between the two countries can further improve trust between the two neighboring countries which will be effective for peace and stability in the region.
The Afghan people hope; holding such meetings, pave the way for ensuring peace and stability which provides a healthy ground for welfare and prosperity in the region. The military and religious circles in Pakistan should deeply think about the message of Mrs. Hena Rabani the foreign minister of that country who has said, “Continuation of unrests in Afghanistan will spread in to Pakistan which harms the entire region.”
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director