20 January 2019

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Sunday, 12 August 2012 11:09

4 Policemen Martyred In Gardiz

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Gardiz (BNA) Four policemen were martyred and three others wounded in explosion of a roadside mine in Gardiz city yesterday. 
Colonel Zalmai Oryakhail police chief of Paktia said to BNA, this event occurred in Doulatzai area, Gardez city.
The police forces vehicle during their patrol in Doulatzai area, struck with a roadside mine, in which four policemen were martyred and three others were wounded, said the source. 
According to the source, the injured were transferred to civil hospital of Gardiz city and medical in charges called health condition of them satisfactory. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Faizabad (BNA) The construction work for accounted office of Badakhshan province was started today. 
In beginning work of this building, Dr. Waliullah Adeeb governor of Badakhshan told to BNA reporter, this building will be constructed from budget of Finance Ministry on an area of 188 square meters of land at the cost of Afs 6240,000 and will have 3 rooms, a hall and other necessary facilities. 
Governor of Badakhshan said with starting work of this building, the work opportunity have been provided for 1000 people. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson of the interior ministry said that the attacks of the armed opposition during the month of Ramadan have increased and the civilians are sustaining greater losses.
The spokesperson Mohammad Sedeeq Sediqi told the press that contrary to the expectations of the people of Afghanistan, the armed insurgents during the holy month of Ramadan are continuing their attacks in different parts of the country, he mentioned the attack of the terrorists at a mosque in Nangarhar, bombing district, organizing of explosion in Helmand were examples of the terrorist attacks carried during the month of Ramadan and the civilians received the greatest casualties.
Sediqi added that the security forces have adopted precautionary measures to prevent the terrorist attacks and informed the media of the arrest of an abductor of Herat.
He assured that special precautionary measures have also been adopted during the Eid days.
He added that these measures will cover all the country and its aim preserving stability in the country so that people can pass Eid in peace of mind.
He warned that no irregularities and illegality will be tolerated. He asked the sellers and importers of the children toys that can disrupt others to prevent sell of such materials. He also mentioned some achievements of the police during the past week.

Sunday, 12 August 2012 06:51

Suicide Attacks Prevent In Kabul

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A source of National Security Directorate said, the personnel of National Security Directorate prevented suicidal any aggressive attacks on parliament and the house of Mr. Karim Khalili the second deputy of the president.
According to the source, the personnel of that agency in an urgent operation carried out in Muradkhani area first precinct of Kabul city, they succeeded to arrest five terrorists including a Pakistani national, several suicide vests, some light weapons, a RPG 7 rocket and uniforms of national army, Pakistani identity cards and Pakistani telephone numbers, which prove, the links of arrested terrorists to the insurgents of beyond the border, were seized. 
The terrorists intended to carry suicide attacks on parliament, the house of Afghan nation and the house of Mr. Khalili the second deputy of the president, fortunately, with endeavor of the personnel of National Security Directorate the evil plan of terrorists was discovered and  neutralized and prevented from several bloody incidents in Kabul city. 
It should mention that this is the second plot of terrorists against the second deputy president which have been discovered and neutralized by the personnel of National Security Directorate.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Fazel Hadi Mulimyar Chairman of the Senate of National Assembly met with Mrs. Maria Akrami chairperson and other in charges of the center for women activities growth and heard their working reports.
At the meeting Maria Akrami provide explanation on the safe homes for needy women and their activities towards peace, advocacy, empowerment of women, provision of views in amendment of laws and the cooperation of this center with the national police.
The chairman of the Senate appreciated and supported the activities of this center.
According to another report, Mohammad Alam Yezedyar first secretary of the Senate, met with some of the elders of Kololapushta of fourth precinct of Kabul.
At the meeting elders shared their environmental problems and said that the private hospital of Blossom and the central office of Ainak Copper which are located in the residential areas of their area creates immense crowds and their guards are not behaving in good manners with the residents of that area.
They complained that some time ago in a clash with the people of the area some people were killed and some others wounded and three others are currently under arrest and they ask for addressing these issues.
The first secretary of the Senate called the private hospital in the residential areas contrary to the health and city norms and promised that these issues will be addressed through the commissions of the Senate.

Sunday, 12 August 2012 06:44

Acting Interior Minister Visits Herat

 Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Acting Interior Minister General Bismillah Mohammadi paid a three day visit to Herat the other day and inspected the security situation there particularly the recent kidnapping cases.
The visit took place in the wake of reporting kidnappings and demonstrations of people including businessmen and doctors for two days in Herat city.
With the visit of Interior Minister, the demonstrators ended their protest and calling for improvement of security situation there.
The acting interior minister and his entourage in meeting with provincial governor Daud Shah Saba, traders and social figures promised to spare no efforts in improving security and protecting law and order there in Herat.
During the visit, the acting interior minister also appointed Sayed Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada as the police of Herat calling on people to call police on 119 whenever facing problems or felt necessary.
Interior minister Mohammadi also lauded the service of former Herat police chief, saying reshuffle and posting in natural in government departments.
The enemies of Afghanistan, he added are attempting to terrorize people by conducting suicide attacks, roadside bombing, kidnapping, spraying poison in schools and etc.
However, the security forces would do their best to foil the enemy’s vicious designs and ensure security in the country.
He also called on police, national director for security and army to work in harmony and foil any terrorist conspiracies.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A delegation of the Information and Culture Ministry led by Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashidi deputy publication minister visited the Daily Hewad, Anis, The Kabul Times and Islah and Baihaqi book publishing agency offices and evaluated their problems.
The delegation in the meeting with the in charges of these newspapers including Zalmai Mayar, Najiba Muram, Abdul Ghafour, Hayatullah Bakhshi and Dad Mohammad Unambi discussed the problems of these dailies and it was decided that their problems be prepared and presented to the Minister’s office so they will be duly addressed.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Initiated by the office of spokesperson and the public press department and the diplomacy institute of the foreign ministry the series of speeches of the foreign ambassadors stationed in Kabul has been started.
The first of this series was Gatum Mokhupadia the ambassador of India to Kabul. One of the aims of this program was creation of the ground for deeper discussions on relations and cooperation of Afghanistan with the world countries.
This program include speech by one of the foreign ambassadors to Kabul and then free discussions between the ambassador and those present at the audience.
Meanwhile, this can assist in upgrading the information and the capacities of the youth Afghan diplomats who are busy receiving professional education at the diplomacy institute.
The ambassador provided detailed explanation on the history of ties between Afghanistan and India, and took note of the extant of different aspects of active partnership of India towards ensuring of security and reconstruction of Afghanistan.
He also touched on the friendship ties between Afghanistan and India calling it not only an historic relation but a natural link between the people of two neighboring countries.
Afghanistan has signed the first strategic agreement with India on 12 Mizan of 1390.
Meanwhile, the Indian ambassador to Kabul assisted 260 volumes of books to the diplomacy institute of foreign ministry as well.
At this audience over 50 young Afghan youth students at the diplomacy institute and some departments heads’ of the foreign ministry also participated.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Hundreds of people staged a demonstration in Khost city yesterday to protest over artillery shelling by Pakistani military on the eastern parts of the country including Kunar and Nuristan provinces over the past couple of months which have left dozens of people dead and injured.
While chanting anti-Pakistan slogans and condemning the rocket firing from Pakistan called on government to check the Pakistani incursion; otherwise the people would take action.
In resolution readout at eh end of the demonstration, the artillery shelling from Pakistan was described as open incursion calling on the international community to stop Pakistani intervention.
At least 2500 rockets fired by Pakistani military have slammed into Kunar and Nuristan over the past couple of months leaving some 100 people dead and injured.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Hundreds historical relics which were smuggled from national museum and other parts of the country during war year are surrendered to national museum with the cooperation of United Kingdom. 
In handing over ceremony of the said relics appreciating from surrendering of Afghanistan historical relics by Britain Royal Embassy in Kabul cultural deputy minister at the ministry of information culture Sayed Musaddeq Khalili said that in 2009, Britain surrendered about 1500 historical relics to national museum of Afghanistan that was thanked from the British cooperation in the connection and emphasize was laid on its continuation. 
He added that the ministry of information and culture previously thanks from Britain especially from royal embassy of that country in Kabul that helps us in returning of our historical relics and appreciates it. 
At the same time, the authorities of national museum of Afghanistan evaluate effective returning of historical monuments in enrichment of national museum of Afghanistan and said these relics are belong to all people of Afghanistan. 
Head of national museum of Afghanistan Oara Khan Masoudi said in the connection to the Kabul Times that in July 15 of 2012 smuggling to abroad was transferred to Kabul with the cooperation of British museum and ISAF forces or defense secretary and replaced in national museum. 
These relics were including of 843 pieces. These relics are divided into two parts that a small part of it was previously registered in national museum of Afghanistan. The relics were stolen during civil wars and were transferred to Britain. 
These relics are include of twenty pieces that are belong to first and second century A.D. and are related ancient zone of Bagram. 
Likewise, another relic is the Buddha statue that was found in Sara-i-Khwaja. 
Unfortunately, this relic was also looted in war years. This is also including of the said relics. 
First, it was transferred to Japan, then to Holland and finally to Britain. 
The transferred relics are belonging to Islamic, bronze, Greco-Bacteria and Kushanid eras. 
These relics are including of seldom items, Buddha statue, animals including elephant and ivory. 
Most of them are belong to B.C. he asserted that as a result of effort of Britain, the documents of historical relics of Afghanistan are collected and surrendered again by the rural embassy of that country in Kabul to national museum. 
As like other fields, the culture of Afghanistan gets vulnerability so the return of historical relics can play effective role in enrichment of national museum. 
The head of national museum continued second part of the relics that are include of about 821 pieces are illegally were transferred from Afghanistan to abroad were recovered with the cooperation of orderly and import polices of that country and were confiscated and then sent to British museum for recognition. 
In this time contact was maintained between British and national museum and they took our consideration. 
We thank more for their cooperation in completion of documents. These relics were in need of repairmen, recovery and treatment were recovered or treated and after processing they transferred all relics and documents to Afghanistan. 
Masoudi said that in connection with protection of the relics it should be said that the cultural and archeological riches are belong to all people of Afghanistan and everyone should endeavor to safeguard them and with complete brownness, the national museum protects historical relics. 
The head of museum continued that after replacement of these relics in museum, this department considers to show a number of these relics through an exhibition. 
At the same time, the authorities of royal embassy of Britain in Kabul during surrendering of historical relics to the authorities of the ministry of information and culture said that a number of relics are attained border police of that country and were kept in British Museum so far that fortunately, today all these relics are transferred to Afghanistan. 
The counselor of British embassy in Kabul said that the historical relics and monuments of a country are indicator of the identity of the country and these relics are surrendered to national museum so to be protected. 
He emphasized on continued cooperation of Britain and Afghanistan.  Evaluating the ancient and historical relics as worthy part of historical and cultural heritages of our country, foreign minister Dr. Zalmai Rasoul asserted that finding and returning of these relics to Afghanistan is a glad-tiding and proud for all Afghans. 
Lauding the government and British museum for their efforts made for returning of these relics to Afghanistan, he added that we thank from all who helped Afghanistan in recovery, finding and returning of those cultural and national treasury. 
At the same time, a number of our countrymen while welcoming the cooperation of Britain in regard with returning of historical relics of Afghanistan say that all those countries the Afghan historical relics are smuggled to them by individuals are expecting to help Afghanistan in returning of its historical relics like Britain. 
A resident of Kabul city Waleed said in the connection that Afghanistan is from among those countries that have more cultural and historical assets that most of them are smuggled to foreign countries by unscrupulous individuals during war years and were sold there. 
Those countries should help Afghan government in returning of historical relics. This is in a time that in 2009, about 1500 historical and cultural relics was smuggled to broad through Black Market and is surrendered to Afghan government again.