14 December 2019

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Henna Rabani foreign minister of Pakistan in her recent assertions has said that 49 countries could not solve the problems in Afghanistan, how one can assume that Pakistan alone can restore security in that country.
Analysts say in case Pakistan honestly cooperates in the struggle against terrorism she can resolve the problems in Afghanistan and in the region.
Time and again Pakistan has declared that may the role of Pakistan in the Afghan issues are ignored.
On the basis of these assertions that the chairman of the High Peace Council visited Pakistan and asked the authorities in Pakistan to actively participate in the peace process in Afghanistan.
Releasing of the Taliban prisoners by the Pakistani authorities was agreed during that visit.
On the other hand, Afghanistan and especially its leadership have emphasized that terrorism is not in the villages of Afghanistan while the center for their training and their financing sources are outside Afghanistan.
In addition, the analysts by understanding of this reality emphasized that peace talks with the Taliban should not take place but with Pakistan can be effective.
Barak Obama in his meeting with president Karzai in Washington asked the neighboring countries of Afghanistan to assist Afghanistan in its peace process and called peace in Afghanistan, peace in the region.
So the main side in the peace process in Afghanistan is Pakistan.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The minister for communication and information technology Amirzai Sangin and minister for education Dr. Farooq Wardak inked an agreement yesterday under which the ministry for communication would equip laboratories and workshops for schools.
In the first step, minister Sangin said that the internet facilities and lab rooms equipped with computer sill be established in teacher training center.
Sayed Jamaldin teacher training center said other more 50 schools in Kabul and provinces, at a cost of 2 million US dollars.
In his address, Dr. Wardak noted that the project would cover all the country.
On behalf of 9 million sons of the country, he also thanked the ministry for communication and information technology.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:21

Women Industrialists Seek market For Product

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Assad Abad(BNA) Women industrialists in Kunar province are seeking market for their products.
A lady Muslima who received 11-month training course said her products which include handcrafts including embroidery have no market.
She also noted that an exhibition of handicraft was held here but few people attended.
Another lady Najiba complained that all her products had been left at home without any customer.
Meantime, Nasima Shafaq Sadat the head of women affairs department said that the government has allocated industrial park for women to produce and sell their products.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Though some circles consider the election of 1392 full of challenges and call security as the greatest problem but ISAF says:”
In order to ensure security of the presidential elections they will have active presence”.
It is expected that the people of Afghanistan in spring of 1392 will be witness to holding of the presidential elections, and though 15 months have been left for the elections but the security issue is at the top of challenges.
Concerns in respect to the elections has come about with the withdrawal of foreign forces while the afghan security forces are saying that they have from now on have adopted measures of ensuring the security during the elections and a considerable force will be deployed for the elections and any concern is meaningless.
Holding the presidential elections and withdrawal of foreign forces in 2014 have been programmed, but the ISAF spokesperson says that during the election adequate forces will be present in Afghanistan who will participate under the leadership of the Afghan security forces.
General Gunther Leitz said yesterday that no doubt that the leadership of security during the election will be with the Afghans but ISAF at that time will have enough forces in Afghanistan and in case of request we shall cooperate.
Another issue that the ISAF spokesperson mentioned was the execution of security transition, he added that contrary to the allegations of some western media, he said that security in the regions where the transition has taken place is showing about 14% improvement.
Afghanistan has taken almost 80% of the security transition in the country and the military operations are carried independently by the Afghan security forces.
The ISAF spokesperson confirmed that in recent months the casualty of Afghan forces has been increased and the reason for that is taking over the security of more regions and expansion of their area of operations.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:17

EU Assists €185m To Health Sector

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Omar Zakhailwal Minister of Finance and the European Union (EU) authorities signed an agreement worth €185 million.
The agreement supports new health programs and agriculture in Afghanistan.
The minister of finance said that the health programs shall provide health care facilities for almost 14 million people in 21 provinces of Afghanistan and will also support the national strategy for health or health for all.
The agriculture program that also covers water management will fully concentrate on the rural regions where 80% of our people live.
The program will help the agriculture sector to plan necessary strategies for water management, growth of private and finding of ways for job creation.
The EU is one of the biggest donors in the development and expansion of Afghanistan and EU supports Afghanistan in three basic sectors including agriculture, good governance, health and society.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 08:42

Senator Gul Afghan Holds Meeting With Ishaqzai

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Deputy to Senate Hajji Rafiullah Gul Afghan held meeting with Timor Shah Ishaqzai the head of Youth Affairs department in the ministry of information and culture yesterday.
In the meeting, Ishaqzai said that some 400 bodies of civil societies under different name are working with the support of ministry for information and culture, saying the youth affairs department has been working for the capacity building of youth and providing job opportunities for the youths of the country.
For his part, senator Gul Afghan described the youth as the backbone of any society, saying justice should be ensured in giving scholarships to the youths of the country.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan in his meeting with Besmellah Mohammadi defense Minister of Afghanistan said that ensuring of nationwide peace in Afghanistan guarantees peace and stability in Pakistan.
Afghan defense minister leading a delegation arrived in Pakistan and it is expected that during his stay in Islamabad meet with the Pakistani authorities.
Mohammadi met with Aslif Ali Zardari and at this meeting considered peace and stability in Afghanistan as a guarantee for peace in Pakistan.
Some of the analysts believe that in case the leaders of the region really consider peace and stability in Afghanistan to the interest of stability in Pakistan and in the region they should take practical steps on this direction.
Also the Afghan defense minister met with the Pakistani Chief of Staff of Army Ishfaq Kayani discussing release of the prisoners from the Pakistani prisons and the situation of Afghanistan and the region after 2014.
Both sides considered the Taliban as joint enemy of both countries and to overcome this they emphasized on mutual cooperation.
Ishafaq Kayani expressed his full support to the peace process in Afghanistan and said that Pakistan is supporting a stable Afghanistan.
This is the first visit of Besmellah Mohammadi as minister of defense of Afghanistan to Islamabad.
The visit is taking place at a time that transit problems between the two nations exists and around 6000 containers of Afghan trade goods are stopped at the Karachi port. 
The Afghan cabinet assigned the defense minister of Afghanistan currently on his visit to Pakistan to discuss this issue with the Pakistani authorities.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The message notes that I was informed with regret the death of General Fateh Mohammad an experienced officer of national army, may his soul rest in peace.
Late Gen. Fateh Mohammad pursued his higher education in military institutes and universities and as honest officer tirelessly served in national army of the country and for his loyalty reached to general position and worked in higher positions, his service is praiseworthy and his death is a loss.
I convey my sympathies to bereaved family members, friends and the people of Paktia province and whish peace for his soul and patience for the family members.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai yesterday addressed the national conference on water development and management.  He said that in my visit to the US I told the US authorities that foreigners should not interfere in the peace process of Afghanistan or take the lead in this respect and on one hand try to bring peace and on the other hand try to bring in a weak order in Afghanistan.
This is not only directed to the US but to all western and neighboring countries and this is addressed to our politicians as well who during the past years have amply benefited of the democracy, freedom, formation of national assembly and elections and what they want to gain they should be attentive that the task for bringing peace and peace talks is the duty of High Peace Council of Afghanistan and that is the main source for this.
He added that any disintegrated activities will be similar to the past 30 years, adding that the politicians of the country should learn from the past and honor that they got should use for the interests of the future generations.
Here I am calling on those Taliban who are not under the influence of foreigners, patriots, Muslim and love Afghanistan that while peace talks start they should think of a strong Afghanistan. 
I tell the Taliban not to be deceived by the foreign deceits, and that peace talks will only be carried out by the High Peace Council of Afghanistan on behalf of the people of the country. 
There is no other and we shall not permit that others face the Afghan nation with unknown problems. 
We shall not allow any foreigners to weaken our peace process as well.
He added that this a plot that Afghanistan attain an immature peace and turn the country as a week nation and all those who want to drag Afghanistan towards immature peace in reality they want to turn the country to a weak Afghanistan and that is a plot that we want to foil it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Addressing the national conference on water resources development and management president Karzai emphasized on building of large and small hydro-power dams and added that the Afghan government intends to construct small and large dams for producing power.
Talking at the conference organized by the Ministry of Water and Energy President Karzai added that Afghan has ample water resources by using of which can secure itself from the effects of climatic change in the coming years. 
He added that our 12 years activities can be done by us. 
He added that when we wanted to discuss building of some dams in Badakhshan and Kokcha, the US did not show interest in them and said that in this respect your government can refer and seek assistance from the independent banks and the World Bank.
He stressed that by using of proper technics in water management systems we should try to get utmost use of water that is God’s blessing. 
Touching on water that is pouring into the neighboring countries he said that Afghanistan needs to build up dams on the water which is pouring into the neighboring countries, but we shall try to consider the rights of our neighbor to the water as well and they should know that
Afghanistan also needs to develop and have advanced living standards and make use of its rights.
He said that Afghanistan is prepared to maintain friendship with her neighbors and talks with them so everyone gets its rights.
So far the rights of Afghanistan has not been given in this respect but has been usurped Amu, Helmand, Harirude, Kunar and other river from which water pours into the neighboring countries the right of Afghanistan should be kept in them and this is our responsibility to deliver our people’ right to them.

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