05 December 2019

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Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The House of People owing to shortcoming in the national budget of 1392 rejected it for the second time.
Chaired by its chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi the House of People discussed the budget once again.
Previously due to its shortcoming the budget was also rejected.
The total budget of 1392 covers 354 billion Afs. of which Afs. 196.370 billion of it is ordinary and 157.750 billion is the development budget of which 37% is procured from internal sources and the remaining from the foreign aid.
The head of the financial commission of the House of People pinpointed the shortcoming in the national budget and that the deputies criticized low allocation for the road of Gardan Dewar project, non-attention towards building of Zabul airport, non-deletion of the bank commission from the budget, inattention towards third degree province and other such defects.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The spokespersons of the National Security Department Shafiqullah Taheri and Sedeq Sedeqi of Interior Ministry addressing a press conference said that the suicide attack that took place at Sedarat Square one soldier of national security department was martyred and 17 civilians were wounded.
They added that six suicide bombers in two vehicles had placed liquid explosives one of which was exploded on the Sedarat road and after that five suicide bombers who were armed with suicide vests and light arms started firing on the security forces.
Taheri added that in ten minutes the suicide bombers were killed.
He said that type of liquid explosive is new and investigation is in process for its verifying.
He stressed that the explosives in both the vehicles were placed in a way that only three minutes were left for the second explosion that the engineering personnel prevented its explosion.
Sedeeq Sedeqi the spokesperson of interior ministry said that the actions of the security forces assure the Afghan nation that their sons could foil the most dangerous attacks of the terrorists in ten minutes.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with the parents and relatives of the 18th of Sunbula martyrs and expressed sympathy to them.
During the 18th of Sunbula of this year as a result of rocket close to the Amani High School in which 14 years old Khurshid, 8 year old Parwana, 17 years old Nawab, 13 years old Mohammad Eisa and 22 years old Assadullah were martyred.
At the meeting the president shared his sympathies and sorrows with each of the parents of the martyrs and provided Afs. 100,000 cash assistance to every martyr parents, and once again expressed his sympathies and wished peace for the souls of the martyrs.
The parents of the martyrs expressed appreciation over the sympathy and support of the president of the country.
It should be mentioned that these children were skate aboard players of the National Olympic Committee who were martyred at the rocket attack.

Saturday, 19 January 2013 06:58

Police Heroes Appreciated

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Representatives of civil societies in a meeting with interior minister General Ghulam Mujtaba Patang here yesterday praised three heroes of Police force. 
In his remarks, interior minister noted that appreciating police performance would boost morale of security forces to further defense the country. 
Expressing confidence over police capability, the interior minister stated that police give sacrifice in defense of the country and people every day if they appreciated by civil societies, media and people. 
Meantime, the representatives of the civil societies in their speeches praised the courage of police personnel in confronting with terrorists.
In his address Fahim Hakim said that the three police constables who demonstrated courage in foiling terrorist’s attacks are real heroes.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Prof. Sebghatullah Mujadidi and Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture inaugurated the rehabilitated mosque in Guzari Qazi Faizullah in old city of Kabul.
The mosque sustained damages due to non-maintenance and it has been rehabilitated by the Ministry of Information and Culture with the cooperation of US reconstruction section. 
During the opening of the mosque Dr. Raheen said that the Hazratha mosque is the first priority to repair for the ministry as it was heavily damaged. 
Some time back the US friends provided financial assistance so that this mosque is rehabilitated.
He added that this is not the only historical mosque in Kabul city that we repaired them with the financial aid of our US friends, but we also repaired the mosque of Mullah Mahmoud, Guldasta and Ulia mosque belonging to the mother of Shah Amanullah Khan Ghazni with the US financial cooperation. 
He added that this mosque is an historical worshipping place of 18 century where historical events took place in it, one of which was the discussions of independence of Afghanistan between Shah Amanullah and Hazrate Shamsul Mashayekh Mujadidi grandfather of Hazrat Saheb. 
He appreciated the assistance of the US friends and the construction company that has exerted efforts for its repairing and keeping its past historical origin. 
Prof. Sebghatullah Mujadidi also praised Dr. Raheen for his efforts towards rehabilitation of sacred monuments and shrines. 
He noted that in two historical mosques of Afghanistan including this mosque and the mosque of Bala Koh religious people used to gather and they were guiding the people towards right direction. 
He also thanked the US for its assistance towards rehabilitation of this mosque.
Abdul Ahad Abbasi head of the preservation and repairing of historical monuments said that this mosque has the capacity of 1,000 worshippers at one time and it has been rehabilitated with the initiative of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili met the other day with some members of the religious scholars. 
At the meeting that was organized in order to consult with ulama with respect to the fundamental issues of the country especially the successful traversing of the year 2014, Khalili called the role of religious scholars in determining the destiny of the country as very important and stressed that during the past one decade and in the new era, better opportunities have been created for growth and progress of the people of Afghanistan and we should exert efforts that we can utilize existing good atmosphere after the 2014 as well.
He added that we should face the challenges and threats with vigilance and keep unity of tribes. 
He considered the role of ulama very important in provision of awareness to the people and in foiling the enemies efforts and asked them to work towards consolidation of unity and fraternity among the people of Afghanistan, creation of coordination among the groups and different segments of the country for successful passage from the challenges and problems after 2014 as well.
He noted that we should expert efforts that the people of Afghanistan attain real social, economic and cultural progress. 
He pointed that in the past ten years the priority of the government was building of the roads and transport infrastructures and good steps have been taken in this direction for completion of the Kabul-Cheghcharan Herat and Mazar-Kandahar as two main highways of the country linking the west to the east and the north to the south of the country. 
Some members of the National Assembly including Ustad Akbari and Alemi Balkhi, Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Murtazawi, Abdul Qadir Alemi, Fayza Uruzgani and some other religious leaders talked at the meeting and emphasized on continuation of the meeting and proposed a secretariat of Ulama and religious scholars is established. 
They also emphasized on further coordination and unity among the groups and segments of the country.
They viewed that concern shown after 2014 can be overcome through unity among the people. 
They proposed to the government to procure more financial assistance to the infrastructural projects including the roads linking Cheghcharan Herat and Mazar-Kandahar which will have strong economic benefit to the people. 
They also considered the capacities of the constitution towards responding to the demands of different segments of the society and stressed that there are rich capacities in the constitution for legal supporting of residents demands that have to be utilized.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the terrorists attack in Kabul and praised the bravery of the Afghan security forces in speedy elimination of the terrorists by the security forces.
According to the reports, on Wednesday terrorists carrying a Townace vehicle by launching of a terrorist attack close to the Square of Sedarat of Kabul, martyred one person and wounded 17 others. 
According to Mohammad Ayub Salangi, another five terrorists who wanted to explode the second vehicle full of explosives were killed by the rapid action of the security forces and the explosion was prevented.
While condemning the terrorist attack, president Karzai appreciated the bravery, sacrifices and rapid action of the security forces that killed the terrorists and the second explosion was prevented and through this the lives of many of countrymen were saved.
The president said that the terrorists should know that by launching of such terrorist attacks not only they cannot reach to their vicious aims but they will face tough response from the Afghan security forces who are ready to sacrifice their sweet lives for the safety of the country and countrymen. 
The president conveyed his sympathy to the bereaved families of the martyr and wishes earlier recovery of the wounded.

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with the US Senate delegation led by Senator John McCain. 
The US Senate delegation called Karzai’s visit to the US as successful.  At the meeting held at the Presidential Office was also attended by Senators from Democrats and Republic Parties of the US, both sides discussed in respect with the President Karzai’s visit to the US, the process of security transition, security agreement between the two nations, process of peace, relation of cooperation between Afghanistan and the US after 2014, struggle against terrorism and the regional issues. 
The US Senators called the recent visit of President Karzai to Washington as successful and added that the presidents of the two countries and the authorities had very good discussions with respect to the bilateral ties.
President Karzai appreciating the hospitality and warm welcome of the Government and the US people during the Afghan delegation’s stay in the US said that at this visit constructive and clear discussions took place among the authorities of both the nations and now that the agreements reached should be implemented.
The US Senators assured the president that cooperation between the US and Afghanistan will continue. 
The US Senators attended a reception hosted by President Karzai at the Presidential Palace.

Saturday, 19 January 2013 06:22

Armed Insurgents Kill In Dykundi

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) In a clash between armed insurgents and Afghan forces in Dykundi province 3 armed rebels killed and two injured.
In the clash which took place last night in Kajran district a local police injured.
The incident occurred when a group of armed Taliban attacked on a local police post.
Habibullah Radmanish deputy governor of Dykundi province said BNA in this clash three armed Taliban killed and two others injured.
It has been said the clash continued for half hour.
The doctors in a health center considered the health condition of injured soldier critical.
Dykundi province for its being neighboring with Helmand province recently witnessed the increasing insecurities.

Saturday, 19 January 2013 06:22

5 Taliban Commanders Arrested In Kandahar

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Five local commanders of Taliban were arrested during several military operations in Kandahar province yesterday. 
These commanders were arrested from their hideouts in the vicinities of Daman, Panjwai and Arghandab districts while they were carrying out terrorist activities.
BNA quoting NATO sources reports that the commanders had the leadership of several Taliban groups in the regions. 
According to NATO, the arrested commanders organized tens suicide attacks, planting of mines and rocket attacks on military bases. 
It is said that 20 other militants were killed and arrested during the operations. 
NATO said the Afghan and foreign forces discovered three arms caches of Taliban in the operations. 
Tens different kind of weapons, hundreds kg of explosive devices and narcotic were seized from the caches. 
NATO sources said nothing about casualties of Afghan-NATO and civilians in the operations. 
T. Souraya-Yarzada