12 July 2020

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Mahmoud Raqi (BNA) Elders from Kapisa province in a meeting with President Hamid Karzai asked the overnight operations to be ended very soon.
Muskinyar and provincial council chief, Hassain Sanjari on behalf of others blamed the foreign forces overnight operations during which many civilians are killed, according to the presidential office.
They asked the president to put an end to the operation launched by the foreign forces in the district, the statement quoted  adding they were fully ready to cooperate with provincial security forces to ensure security, if the foreign troops nighttime operations were prevented.  After hearing the elder’s reports over the incidents, president Karzai said the dispute between the government and the international forces has risen over such violations committed by the foreign troops.  He assured to prevent such operation in Tagab district, as similar actions have been done in other provinces.  The president called ensuring security, the responsibility of both the nation and the government and asked the entire people to help security forces in ensuring security in the country.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 08:12

HEC Emphasizes On Economic Development

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The High Economic Council (HEC) chaired by President Hamid Karzai held in presidential palace yesterday, BNA reported.
In the meeting as per  of the agenda, the president of Da Afghanistan Bank called for introducing bourses and disseminating valued documents and the establishment of shares market is a proper alternative for implementing currency policy and ensuring the stability of Afghan currency to High Economic Council.     The High Economic Council after extensive discussions assigned a commission under the chairmanship of finance minister and membership of Asharf Ghani Ahmadzai, head of chamber of commerce and industries, economist Hamidullah Noor and professor Abad of the economy faculty after studying the economic situation of the region countries provide a legal framework and mechanism for determining the shares and other related issues within two weeks and presented to Economic High Council. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:31

Blast Kills Two, Injures 17 In Peshawar

Wednesday 29, May 2013
PESHAWAR (BNA) At least two people were killed and around 17 others injured when a bomb exploded on Tuesday evening in Peshawar – the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan.
The apparent planted explosive device was detonated near Imamia Colony of Peshawar’s Gulbahar Neighbourhood, said a local police official.
ASP Ismael Kharak told Dawn.com that the device was planted in a motorcycle.
Rescue and security agencies are being dispatched to the blast site.
According to the Bomb Disposal Squad officials about three to four kilograms of explosives was used in the remote controlled blast.
SP City Khalid Hamdani also confirmed that two people have been killed and 15 inured in the blast.
He added that it’s not clear what was the target of the blast, however, it occurred near a Shia Imam Bargah in Imamia Colony.
Chief Executive of the Lady Reading Hospital Dr Arshad Javed told Dawn.com that two people have been killed while 17 injured are being treated at the hospital.
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. However, the province has long been plagued by al Qaeda and Taliban linked militancy and the country’s military has staged numerous operations against the insurgents.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:30

Suicide Attackers In Panjsheer Killed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Bazarak (BNA) Suicide attackers attacked on the headquarters of Panjshir province were killed by the Afghan forces.
At about 4:00am this morning, five suicide attackers attacked on the headquarters of Panjsheer government.
At first a suicide attacker exploded his improvised explosive device near the building and then other attackers entered the premises.
Mawlana Abdul Rahman Kabiri deputy governor of Panjsheer said BNA, four suicide attackers entered the building of the province after two hours clashes, were killed.
Also, he confirmed the killing of a police official in the incident.
It is being said that parts of the building have been set up on fire.
Local authorities of Panjsheer said during the attack, the governor of the province was not inside the building during the attack.
A security official in Bazarrak of Panjsheer said a car bomb has been remained close to the building.
Deputy Governor of Panjsheer said security officials trying to defuse the bomb which is inside the car.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Sports grounds for Khoshhal Khan high school was inaugurated by acting of Minister of ethnics and tribes affairs ministry.
BNA reported, the grounds are constructed with the financial assistance of US embassy at the cost of 6,000 dollars.
Abdul Malik Sediqi acting of the Minister of that ministry   while inaugurating the grounds expressed gratitude from the aids of US embassy, and requested students of the schools to improve their health with physical activities and increased their knowledge by persisting training and studying.
In the function, Ahmad Zeia Dashti the head of the athletes union also talked on the issues.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:08

Kabul Balahesar Constructs

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture accompanied by a technical delegation of the ministry visited different parts of Balahesar and ruined ancient and historical walls there.
BNA reporter reported, Dr. Raheen in responding the National Radio TV correspondent talked about the history of Balahesar and the decision of the ministry for repairing and construction of various parts of this historical monument and talked about the importance of this ancient historical monument.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:06

15 Taliban Killed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) 15 Taliban were killed and 18 others wounded in a clash by Afghan forces in Helmand province.
Omar Zwak spokesman for Helmand governor said BNA, the clash occurred last night when Taliban attacked on security posts of Garmsir district but inflected heavy casualties.
The source said, the clash continued for 4 hours, as a result of which 15 Taliban were killed and 18 others wounded.  The bodies of the killed Taliban remained in the spot it should be said that the bodies of three Pakistani citizens were also among the deaths.
According to Zwak, there were no casualties among afghan security forces.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:04

3 Insurgents Killed And 2 Arrested

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Charikar (BNA) Three armed insurgents were killed and two others wounded when they attacked on a convoy of World Food Program (WFP) in Shenwari district of Parwan province.
Colonel Hosain Shah Maqsoodi police chief of Shenwari district said BNA, Taliban attacked on convoy of World Food Program (WFP) which was on its way to Bamyan province in the Darazgard area of the district.
The source said, in the attack Mullah Nematullah local commander of Taliban along with his two men were killed and two other insurgents wounded.
Maqsoodi added, there were no casualties among civilians and security forces.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:04

6 Rebels Arrested

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) Six rebels were arrested by Afghan security forces in Nadali district of Helmand province. 
Omar Jan Haqmal police chief of Nadali district said BNA, the rebels were arrested in an operation by afghan security forces with the cooperation of people from a house in the relevant areas of the district.
The source added, three Kalashnikovs and three motorbikes were seized.  T. Suaya-Yarzada

Wednesday 29, May 2013
Kabul (BNA) While inaugurating a number of voting cards distribution center in capital Kabul, Fazal Ahmad Manavi Chairman of Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) expressed frustration over insecurity dominated in some regions of the country and said that continuation of insurgency in some areas have created major challenges to the election organizing body. Evaluating significance of new voting cards head of Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) said that the new voting cards are totally different with the old one and one in Afghanistan is able to copy it and the IEC is committed to move forwards rest its technical duties shoulder to shoulder with the voting cards distribution centers. Manavi expressed dissatisfaction over insecurity in some regions and said that election can be held in successful manner in presence of a professional and powerful administration.
Manavi said that parliamentary elections in neighboring Pakistan was also held under major security threats and urged that existence of a powerful administration and joint cooperation of people and security organs support as to hold the next elections in successful manner. However, inauguration of few voting cards distribution centers in some areas have followed public criticism. But, head of the independent election commission of Afghanistan said that the IEC intends to expand these centers after security assurance of Afghan security institutions. Meanwhile, head of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC)  has declared ratification of the electoral law as major achievement and appreciated decision of House of Representatives and expressed hope that soon the law is dispatched to the house of senate to seek approval of the president to that the next elections are held according to the new law. At the same time, Kabul residents have emphasized on holding of free, fair and transparent elections in 2014 and the people believe that holding of a legitimate poll guarantees future stability of Afghanistan in the view of current circumstances. Local resident Muhammad Kabir said that he had received this card for participating in the upcoming presidential elections. It’s said that new voting cards are distributed to those who hand received cards during the previous elections or have lost their cards. The commission has also announced that the new returnees may also receive the cards from the voting cards distribution centers. IEC officials have said that in the first phase up to three million eligible would be provided the cards. Voting cards distribution process war also triggered in northern Balkh province as well the other day and it’s expected that voter registration process is initiated on Asad 5th to Meezan 5th, 1392 in center of districts across the country. commenting on the topic, member of independent election commission in Balkh Ajmal Ahmadi said that we needed to establish at least four voting cards distribution centers in four corners of Mazar-e-Sharif City an added he didn’t know that why the concerned institutions hasn’t do so to facilitate the voters reach them easily from faraway places. Talking on the presidential elections, Balkh police chief Abdurrazaq said that the police force was fully ready to provide security coverage to the three phases of the election process constituting voting cards distribution process, campaign or candidacy process and voting adding that police was fully determined to maintain neutrality during the election process. This is while international community has persistently urged on holding of free, fair and transparent election in the county and has asked the Afghan people to participate in the elections in majority and mark their destiny with their own hands.